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VIN No. 92401669A
Engine Type:  90175079B – petrol 60kW

First registered in Padua in 1972, now with number plates and logbook from 1995. 5 owners registered in logbook. Last valid MOT in 2012. Short wheelbase version with 7 seats.
Version produced from 1971 to 1983, equipped with the 2,286cc 4-cylinder petrol engine, one of the most reliable fitted to the Land Rover. Bodywork with 88-inch wheelbase, very well preserved, in first light green paintwork with limestone roof. Equipped with a “Safari Roof” consisting of a second roof skin overlay fitted on top of the vehicle in order to protect from the heat of the sun and better insulate the cabin, air intakes for ventilation of rear compartment, double spare wheel on the front bonnet and rear door, additional headlights, folding steps for access to the cabin, grids on headlights and lights for protection from stones, aluminium wheels, all accessories of the time. Black vinyl interior well preserved, with additional instrumentation.
Mechanics in working order always carefully followed over the years. Complete service carried out in July 2020 during which the cylinder head gasket was replaced. Engine with excellent compression and efficient. Drum brakes to be overhauled, the gearbox has a typical defect in second gear that tends to come out on release.
A 4WD off-roader that proudly bears the signs of time, its patina makes it unique, and oozes a desire for adventure from every bolt and shows how over the years it has always been used to its potential, but not abused. Perfect to be used as a hardcore off-roader, good to carry up to 7 passengers. The petrol engine makes it pleasant and very bright when compared to the diesel III series. This 4-cylinder, having originated from the diesel engine, is extremely robust and designed to run smoothly even with low quality fuels, and maintenance-free – indestructible.
The Land Rover must be collected from the province of Pescara.

Aste Bolaffi
Via Cavour 17
10123Torino  Torino