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The end of an era, after 67 years of making one of the most iconic off-roaders, Land Rover called time on the Defender, so closely linked in heart, body and soul to the original Series I. To mark the occasion, Land Rover launched the final Defender Heritage series. Limited to just 400, the last ever Land Rover, as we have known them, rolled off the production at 9.15am on the 29th January of this year, the 2,016,933rd Heritage Defender built at Solihull became the last true Land Rover.

Never has there been a car that has so captured the imagination of the world. Land Rovers have saved lives, won wars, delivered aid and hope, conveyed Kings and Queens and numerous Popes, ferried injured animals from the lowliest sheep to the proudest lion to safety. The Land Rover has conquered ravines, deserts and snow, broken records and won the hearts of millions.

What an exciting opportunity therefore for this auction house to offer one of the first Land Rovers, Chassis #149 and one of the last, this 2016 Heritage Edition in the same sale. Registered to its first and current owner on the 18th January 2016, eleven days before the production of the last ever Defender, this car is the coveted 110. Resplendent in its Grasmere Green paint, a close match to the first Land Rover, HUE 166 which left the factory in Sage Green.

This Heritage Edition has, as standard, an equipment list that's a far cry from the original 1948 Land Rover. Heated seats! The only heated seats this consignor ever experienced in an early Land Rover was after a pair of Labradors had been asleep on them. The list goes on, as you would expect from a modern car, including Bluetooth, electric windows and heated front and rear screens. Subtle cues to the heritage of Land Rover, and its elder statesman, HUE 166, are dotted about the car, like the graphics on the wings and tags on the seats, just little reminders and a thank you. 

Supplied with its owner's pack and bound commemorative book entitled"One of 400", this 2.2 litre turbo-diesel had a mere 108 miles on the odometer at the time of consignment and will benefit from Land Rover Warranty & Assistance Cover until January 2019. This is possibly the newest vehicle we have ever sold, but WD 65 PXW sits comfortably amongst its neighbours, classics all and part of automotive history.

To own this Heritage Defender, one of the last traditional Land Rovers ever produced is a privilege, a privilege available to just 400 individuals today. It will be difficult to stand next to our shiny Defender parked next to its great, great grandson, Chassis #149, their shared DNA much in evidence despite the 67 year age gap, and not feel intensely proud of British engineering.


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