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"This special edition of the iconic Land Rover Defender was introduced to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this classic British 4×4 and since 1948, the original Land Rover has come a long way. The limited edition SVX shares its mechanical layout with the standard Defender, including the same, recently revised 2.4 litre, four-cylinder, turbo diesel engine. There are, however, a host of upgrades including a full, front to back, roll cage in contrasting silver to the Santorini black body colour with 60th Anniversary side-panel decals. Weather gear includes a mohair ‘bikini’ hood which goes on quickly or you can opt for the full hood enclosing the rear deck too (both supplied). Additionally, it benefits from big wheels, distinctive brightwork and a silver-coloured grille and headlamp surround with LED units to the rear. It’s also reported to be ‘flatter-riding’ than any previous Defender courtesy of some subtle, SVX-only improvements to the damping making life more comfortable. To the interior, the obvious addition is a large set of Recaro seats with firmer cushioning transforming the driving position from the usual Defender to, it is thought by the motoring press, ‘something close to ideal’. There are also a host of other small but well considered trim changes including an SVX gearstick, an SVX plaque, side steps, iPod connectivity, electric windows, satnav, and air conditioning. These cars perform brilliantly off-road thanks to excellent ground clearance and axle articulation, a locking centre differential and clever traction control. The owner spent some time looking for an SVX and back in 2019, he found one. He has used it sparingly, covering just 700 miles since purchase. During that time, he has replaced the front swivel joints with genuine parts as well as numerous other service items including intercooler hoses. The tyres are in good order and sit on genuine SVX alloys with the spare strapped down in the boot alongside two side-facing jump seats. Complete with owner’s manual and SVX -registration number, these Defenders will have a small and select following among those seeking the ultimate incarnation. All versions of the Defender hold their value well and with only 90 (of 300) SVX soft-tops and station wagons sold in the UK, rarity is assured.
Interested parties should note that this vehicle was the subject of light damage early on in its life, a right hand side impact. It was deemed a category D insurance loss, i.e. damaged but repairable. Due to the rarity, it was subsequently rebuilt with no perceptible issues now visible, either internally or externally. Additionally, it has a full MoT test certificate valid until December 2021 and it is worth noting that were this a pristine (non cat-D) vehicle, it would need to be garaged and not be driven in order to maintain its value whereas this can be driven and enjoyed immediately."

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