1978 Lancia Stratos


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French title - Rare, original condition for this model - Rare, iconic car - Competitive and eligible for the best events. When this car left the factory it was painted "Rosso" with "Nero con Alcantara avana" interior and "Saval Rosso" carpets, which is exactly how it is presented today. Between 1993 and 1997 this Lancia Stratos belonged to the missed Jacques Capoulade, the well-known collector from Lot. He had the car restored, respecting the integrity of the original and resisting the temptation to transform it into a Group 4 car. In 1999 it was acquired by the father of the current owner, a Lancia collector who took part in the Coupe des Alpes 1999 and the Rallye du Forez. His children have used the car very little since his death, but, in 2013, had work carried on the brakes and the ignition, for the sum of €2,000. Today the car is presented in superb original condition, with clean coachwork and no apparent defects, and a well-preserved interior with black and tan bucket seats showing little sign of wear. Curiously, the Lancia Stratos came about by chance : the first project designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone, exhibited in Turin in 1970, was an exercise in style just 95cm high ! This bizarre prototype attracted the attention of Cesare Fiorio, in charge of Lancia's competition department, who needed to find a replacement for the ageing Fulvia. Gandini modified his design to create a useable car that remained very radical : no overhang, large flat bonnet, squat silhouette and huge, rounded windscreen. These features combined to create a car unlike anything ever seen before ! Ferrari and Lancia had recently become part of the Fiat group, and so the natural choice of engine for the Stratos was a 2.4-litre version of the V6 Dino engine, a tried and tested, compact and powerful unit. Further development work was required, which another talented designer, Giampaolo Dall'Ara, was involved with. Following a few pre-production cars in 1973, the Stratos was built in sufficient numbers for homologation in Group 4, with some 495 examples produced in total. The car revealed itself to be one of the most extraordinary rally cars ever built, winning the World Rally Championship three times (1974-1975-1976, driven by Sandro Munari). Unsurprisingly, examples of the Lancia Stratos often bear the scars of an active life, with periods spent in competition. This is not the case with the car on offer, making it particularly desirable.