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    7 013 km / 4 358 mi
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Registration number: LA-45-95

Trade-in car

Whenever we drive a Flaminia, it projects that typical Lancia feeling. What is that feeling? Although subjective, a Lancia from, for example, the 1950s and 1960s offers a sense of refinement. This began much earlier with, for example, the Lambda. Lancia was constantly evolving and perfecting the cars step by step. Lancia offered a perfect blend of comfort and sportiness. In our opinion, the Flaminia is a product where that refinement can be noticed from all sides.

The Flaminia was the first new model in 1957 under Pesenti. This Lancia was partly based on the Aurelia and designed under the leadership of the (new) engineer Antonio Fessia. Fortunately, the Flaminia retained the fantastic V6 engine of the Aurelia, originally co-designed by Francesco de Virgilio. Initially, the Flaminia was available with a 2.5-liter engine, and later with a 2.8-liter.
For the drivetrain, Fessia used many components from the Aurelia, including the transaxle from the Aurelia 5th and 6th series. The rear suspension was of the De Dion type, as was the case with the Aurelia from the 4th series onwards, but for the front suspension, the sliding pillar was a thing of the past, and Lancia opted for a completely new suspension with double wishbones and coil springs. The Flaminia also had the engine and front suspension mounted on a rubber subframe, which was a new innovation and also patented by Lancia. With just six bolts and a few actions, the entire assembly could be removed from the car as a whole.
Additionally, the saloon was available in three other models: the elegant Pinin Farina coupé, the Touring, available as an open and closed variant (GT and GTL with the latter for more space), and with a Zagato body. 

Our example concerns the coupé variant, with its beautiful lines, and is a very interesting restoration project, which we all here clearly agree that it is definitely worth restoring. A very authentic example with beautiful details. Have a look at the photo and judge for yourself. 

The Flaminia’s fantastic V6 has already been overhauled, leaving both the exterior, interior, and technical aspects needing your attention.
Are you interested in this Lancia with potential? Then contact us now.