1946 Lancia Aprilia


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Italian registration Chassis # 438 22449 - An attractive patina - Very original and interesting model, with excellent driving qualities This Lancia Aprilia came into the collection in 1985 and has spent its entire life in the city of Perugia, as evidenced by its number plate and the chronological extract from the ICA which gives the list of successive owners. Like all cars of this collection, it displays an attractive original condition, with a very well-preserved interior. The dashboard is complete with all instrumentation together in a specific case. This is a second series sedan, and is powered by a narrow angle V4 version of the 1500cc engine, which has more torque than the previous model. It has the all the modernistic characteristics of this model: monocoque construction, with doors opening vis- à-vis without exposed hinges, four wheel independent suspension and an aerodynamic line that was not only there to follow the fashion of that time. In France, the Aprilia was manufactured in a factory in Bonneuil -sur- Marne under the branding of Ardennes. This Aprilia comes with its ASI Silver certification from 1998. It will need to be serviced before hitting the road, but its patina will seduce lovers of the refined technique of the brand, something that cannot be ignored.