1939 Lancia Aprilia


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    Convertible / Roadster
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LANCIA APRILIA CABRIOLET (1939), CHASSIS N. 239-3750, ENGINE: NARROW VEE 4 CYLINDER, DISPLACEMENT: 1350 CM3, POWER: 48 BHP, BODY STYLE: CABRIOLET BY PININ FARINA, THE LAST JOINT MASTERPIECE OF LANCIA AND FARINA; Vincenzo Lancia had been a Fiat racing driver and then in 1906 founded his car company. Though he was no engineer, he created a host of motorcars among the most innovative of their times, such as the 1923 Lambda with its monococque body, hydraulic brakes and independent front suspension. In the mid ‘30s, as the angular and serious-looking Augusta was establishing new standards, Lancia started thinking about a new and innovative model. The new car was to be very roomy and sporty even with a small engine: lightness and aerodynamics were to be its key points, while all round independent suspensions would give it unparalleled road manners and comfort. Thus the Aprilia was born with a body/structure unit studied and perfected in the Turin University. For many Lancisti it was Vincenzo Lancia’s masterpiece, launched in 1937 just a few months after his sudden passing. Vincenzo Lancia and Battista “Pinin” Farina were old friends, and the relationship was very strong between the two companies as well. One can say that nobody like Farina has been able to interpret the spirit of Lancia, before and after the war. Even the Aprilia, which had a unique line, had its special versions. One of the best was the Pinin Farina Cabriolet, of which we are proud to show an example today. The proportions of the Aprilia platform chassis, produced just for the coachbuilders, gave them the possibility to create a spacious yet compact Drophead Coupé, for those customers who wanted the thrill of open-air driving and the pleasure only an Aprilia could grant. The very rare car we propose today has been owned for many years by one of the main Italian Lancia collectors. He had it repainted many years ago and the upholstery has been revamped about five years ago: the car is just perfect. The Aprilia Cabriolet was a very rare car even when new, and today it is very hard to find one for sale. A prewar example is practically impossible to find, thus this car represents an unique opportunity. The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.