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Chassis n. 068
Version: Evo II
Engine: STR4 DOHC
Chassis Type: Load-bearing body with front and rear steel frames
Gearbox: ZF 5 Speed
Condition: Excellent
Regular documents and papers
Certificate: FIA Technical Passport
Cars made: 200 in road version

The Lancia 037 was born from a joint collaboration between Pininfarina, Dallara and Abarth in the early 1980s.
The road version of the Lancia 037, produced in 200 units in order to obtain Group B homologation, was presented at the 1982 Turin Auto Show.
The engine is a 2.0 four-cylinder, derived from that of the Fiat 131 Abarth (five World Rally, two Drivers and three Manufacturers) able to generating a power of 205 HP, and a maximum speed of 220 km / h, with a ' acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 7”, thanks to the help of a volumetric compressor.
The racing version delivers 260 HP (up to 1000 Laghi 1982), a value that rises to 275/280 up to 1983 (with the exception of Monte Carlo 1983, where it reaches 310 HP).
The turning point for the Lancia 037, happened in 1983, when the Turin sports car, won the Constructors' World Championship (the last rear-wheel drive world champion ever) with a two-point advantage over the Audi, which already exploited the advantageous four-wheel drive.
From that moment on, the 037 struck a series of surprising victories: double in Montecarlo with Walter Röhrl and Alén, four cars in the first four places in the Tour de Corse with Alén, Röhrl and Adartico Vudafieri on the podium, double Röhrl / Alén at the Acropolis , first and third place in New Zealand with Röhrl and Attilio Bettega and monopolized podium in Sanremo with Alén, Röhrl and Bettega.
With EVO II, in 1984, the displacement upgraded to 2.1 liters and the double-barrel carburetor was replaced by injection, but the only world champion success (as well as the last one) came at the Tour de Corse, with the double by Alén, Biasion.
In 1986 - the last year in which the 037 takes part in the races, the second place of Carlos Bica in Portugal is remembered.
Among the other victories obtained by 037, the three consecutive European titles won between 1983 and 1985 by Miki Biasion, Carlo Capone and Dario Cerrato should not be forgotten.
In addition to the 53 cars used over the years by the official Racing Department, most of the 037s were used by teams and private owners in many competitions.

Our Lancia 037 Rally Evo II Chassis 068
Original LANCIA RALLY 037, chassis 068, sold new as a road car in Spain in August 1983 to Silverio Guemes and converted to Group B by Scuderia Auto Gomas SA, a Lancia Santander dealer.
Sold in 2010 in France to Mr. Bouvet and restored by him,the car was updated to the new FIA regulations.
From 2011 to 2016, the 037 participated in many races, including the Rally of Corsica, the Rally de la Sainte-Baume, the Rally Lana Historique, the Elba Historical Rally, the Rally Legend, the Historical Sanremo Rally and the Monza Rally Show.
The car is set up in the EVO II version, the maximum preparation of the time, with increased displacement and H2O thannks to the injection system and to volumetric cooling.
The cars of group B were banned by the FIA in competitions, this foreclosure still valid today, with the exception of the 037s equipped with a special roll-bar like ours and for which the official FIA certification accompanying the car.
The cage installed is the n.3 (of only 10 built) by the Marchesi coachbuilder in Modena, which, at that time, exported them all over the world.
At present day, tha cage is still mandatory to participate in historical rallies, such as the Milan Rally Show, the Rally Legend, the FIA European Historical Rally Championship, the Italian Historical Rally Championship, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Tour Auto, etc.
The car is equipped with an FIA Historical Technical Passport, valid until the end of 2027.

- Ready to run
- New aeronautical tanks
- Special carbon seats
- C-Giant on-board computer system,
- STILO intercom system
- Valid certification for fixed and hand held fire extinguishers.
- The car was followed by the KSport team, from San Marino Republic.

It is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with a sale operator, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.