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    1 830 km / 1 138 mi
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    232AR 400011
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    Original Condition
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Telaio ZLA151AR000000032
Engine 232AR 400011
1 of only 207 cars built
Only 1830 km from new
Very original condition
Iconic italian purosangue
Original tools kit and spare wheel, never used

Looking back in time, Lancia's great experience in the Rallye world can be understood, recalling the undisputed queens Fulvia and Stratos.
At the end of the seventies, the FIA changed the regulations and introduced the B groups, cars which to be homologated must be produced in at least 200 specimens.
Thus we arrive at a collaboration between the Lancia racing department, Pininfarina and Abarth to create a winning car and .... winning was the result.
In the era of the boom of the first 4WDs, the 037 was born almost at a disadvantage, but this allowed it to be the last winner of a championship despite being rear-wheel drive, despite rivals such as Peugeot and Audi not being outdone.
Thanks to chief engineer Lampredi, the compressor was introduced, which eliminated the problem of primordial turbos such as lag (absence of power at low revs which was then suddenly discharged, creating many problems for the drivers).
Another great creator of the 037 project was Ing. Limone, who had already accumulated a great deal of experience in Abarth since the 1970s.
The Pininfarina style is also noticeable inside, with the light seats upholstered in corduroy, the dashboard covered with a special material, the inserts in alcantara, the instrumentation and ergonomic controls.
The car was partially decomposable, designed to be able to work quickly in the event of assistance, with the nose and tail being removable, adjustable suspension and exceptional balance.
The car was delivered without the spoiler on the rear bonnet, but handed over to the owner who could then mount it at his discretion.
As for the group B race car, the rest is history.
Our car, chassis 032, has a particular history: it only traveled 1,800 km and was registered for the first time in 1992 (so as not to lose its homologation).
Still registered today, it retains its original number plate.
Over the years it has changed a total of 6 owners, including the leasing companies that guaranteed its financing.
The last owner kept it for about 13 years without ever using it, except when it was delivered to us in 2011 for a service and a simple cosmetic job, before exhibiting it in his personal museum.

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