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    Giallo Miura
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Presented in its original factory colour combination of Giallo Miura and Blue
Known history from 1967
Fully restored in 2010 under the supervision of Valentino Balboni
The ultimate driver's Miura

The Lamborghini Miura is rightly considered to be the first true supercar as we understand them today. Ferrucio Lamborghini’s burning desire to surpass Lamborghini not only in sales but in reputation too, spawned a car which was radically different in its approach, breaking the mould of conventional front wheel drive sports cars of the era with a mid-mounted transverse V12 configuration and 350 HP at the rear wheels. Technical ambition aside it was in many ways Marcello Gandini who cemented the Miura’s reputation as one of the truly great cars of the 20th century with styling which manages to be both delicate and purposeful, awash with beautiful details at every angle, from the eyelash like headlight surrounds to the fabulous sweeping door vents and integrated handles.

The Miura propelled Lamborghini from relative obscurity outside of Italy to international fame and in the process rewrote the rule book on what a supercar should be.

Chassis 3069 is one of the first generation of the famed Miura, the car which represents the purest itineration of one of the most famous cars ever built. These early examples we denominated ‘P400’ as opposed to the later ‘S’ and ‘SV’ variants.

The car was delivered on the 18th July 1967 via the official Swiss dealer for Lamborghini, Garage Foitek in Zurich to its first owner Mr Spring. Perhaps appropriately Mr Spring chose the vibrant colour scheme of Giallo Miura over a blue interior, as the car is presented today.

The car left Switzerland early in its life and made its way to the USA sometime around 1969. Either shortly after arriving in the USA or perhaps just before leaving Europe the car was upgraded with the upgraded ‘S’ specification engine from another Swiss delivery car, chassis 4509.

According to a 2005 auction catalogue the car was also repainted burgundy in 1970 and found a home in California where it remained until 2002, before being sold to Washington and registered ‘I MIURA’. Images of the time show that the car was unrestored and still wearing the burgundy finish applied in 1970.

Having been sold to its fourth owner in 2005 the car was subject to a full restoration by Ultimate Motor Works in Orlando, supervised by Valentino Balboni, which was completed in 2010. As part of this restoration the chassis was strengthened to ‘S’ specification, a common and desirable modification which addresses one of the major design weaknesses of the early cars. Production numbers are visible throughout the body of the car attesting to the completeness and originality of chassis 3069. Finally, the car was returned to its stunning original colour combination of Giallo Miura over Blue.

Following the completion of this exacting professional restoration the car again sold at auction to a collector in Dubai. Finally in 2016 the car returned to Europe and formed part of a collection near to Munich.

The current owner is an enthusiastic driver of his cars and therefore he has made a considerable investment in ensuring that it is always in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. Since 2018 the car has been serviced annually and over €65,000 spent in maintenance. To improve the handling and road holding wider ‘SV’ specification wheels were fitted as well as period look adjustable dampers, the original wheels and suspension components have all be retained should the next owner wish to return the car to factory specification.

The carefully conceived and executed upgrades make this car the ultimate specification for the driver collector. The perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of discovering this groundbreaking car from behind the wheel.

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