1988 Lamborghini LM 002



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French registration

- Concept and power completely out of the ordinary
- A very rare car
- Outstanding in this state

This impressive Lamborghini LM002 today belongs to a true lover of this rare and unusual model, since he owned another example with an injection engine. The car has received a thorough follow-up review with much attention at Automobiles TS in Villeneuve-le-Roi, as shown in a significant file of bills from 2002 to 2014, which comes with the car. The body very recently received a coat of paint and the upholstery was completely redone in white leather. The result is of exceptional quality inviting to take a seat in the comfortable and well equipped roomy of this exceptional 4x4. The five tires were replaced in January 2013 with new ones and the counter showed 30,983km at the time of our review. This car is powered by the V12 of over 5 liters, derived from that of the Countach, with power up to 450bhp, which gave the LM002 a top speed in excess of 200 km/h despite its impressive size! Originally designed as a military vehicle for the US Army, it is a sort of an Italian version of the famous American Humvee.
Production of the LM002 totaled just 301 units, of which 241 were the carbureted version. Rare in itself, it is even more in such a state of presentation, which indicates the care and thoroughness of maintenance the car has received. As such, the car represents originality, efficiency and amazing performance that are still largely relevant today.