1984 Lamborghini Countach


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Jeff Bradford, Dallas, Texas (acquired in 2013)
Current Owner (acquired from the above)

In 1982, Lamborghini updated its outrageous Countach, enlarging the V-12’s displacement to 4.8 liters and correspondingly improving power. The new Countach 5000S also received bold cosmetic enhancements, including an optional rear wing and enlarged fender arches that housed wider Ozzeta Electron wheels.

This 5000S, chassis 12661, benefits from a thorough 2015 restoration as well as recent care in a highly respected collection in the Northeastern US. According to former owner Jeff Bradford, this 5000S was purchased new by an owner in Maryland who retained possession through the early 2010s. The Lamborghini was then sold to the respected Canepa Motorsports in Scotts Valley, California, having accrued approximately 48,500 km; Mr. Bradford purchased the car from Canepa in 2013. After returning the Countach to his Dallas residence, Mr. Bradford opted for a comprehensive refurbishment which spanned 20 months, commissioning a local paint specialist to perform a bare-metal refinish of the body in black, at a cost of nearly $20,000. Mechanical considerations were entrusted to Norwood Auto Italia of Carrollton, Texas, whose proprietor, Bob Norwood, has restored Italian cars for over four decades, and who earned respect as a builder and tuner of Can-Am race cars during the 1980s.

Norwood Auto Italia addressed mechanical aspects, performing a rebuild of the engine with new rod bearings, main bearings, piston rings, and seals. The cam timing and valves were adjusted, while the valve covers were coated in black wrinkle-finish paint and miscellaneous hardware was appropriately refinished. Numerous ancillary components and systems were rebuilt as necessary, including the transaxle, brakes, water pump, alternator, and starter. The radiator was cleaned and flushed; the exhaust headers were coated; the crankshaft was reground; and the flywheel re-machined. Seals and gaskets were replaced as needed, and a new exhaust system was installed.

The interior received a commensurate level of attention with the appointment of correct leather and floor mats, in addition to the tasteful, and particularly useful, installation of a flip-up rear-view camera display. A new fire extinguisher and proper Countach manual completed the refurbishment, and following the work, the Lamborghini was acquired by the consignor in 2016. He commissioned work costing roughly $20,000, including rebuilding the fuel injectors.

Displaying 49,842 km at the time of cataloguing, the 5000S is accompanied by copies of invoices totaling more than $75,000, as well as a jack and tool kit. The next caretaker may look forward to the V-12’s throaty and visceral performance on the road, as well as an enthusiastic reception at sports car gatherings or Lamborghini Club events. This fine example of Sant’Agata’s iconic supercar has provided many satisfying miles throughout its first three decades, and stands to impress all who experience its next chapter.