1968 Lamborghini 400 GT



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German title
Chassis no. 7051
Engine no.2445

- The 21st series 1 built
- One of the very first Espadas built
- High-quality restoration, original engine
- Certified by the Polo Storico Lamborghini

This Lamborghini Espada is one of the very first cars built; in fact, it was the 21st car to come off the assembly lines at Sant'Agata. It therefore has some features unique to the very first cars, such as the grille with vertical slats protecting the oblong rear screen, opening quarterlights (they would be fixed from 1969), the somewhat extravagant dashboard with its hexagonal theme, centre-locking wheels and the radiator grille with a hexagonal pattern.
This car was delivered on 30 November 1968 to its first owner, who was based in Piacenza in Italy. Its current owner bought the car in 2014, when it was in Texas, in good original condition, with a body which was free from rust. It was brought back to Europe, where it underwent a complete restoration by the best Italian craftsmen, who were well known to our collector. The bodywork and engine were handled by the workshops Top Motors and SCN in Nonantola, while the upholstery was restored by Interni Auto in Ferrara. The paintwork reverted to Lamborghini's elegant period finish of Midnight Blue, with red upholstery. The engine is original, and the car has been driven for a little over 200 km since its restoration. After its high-level restoration, this sublime Espada was exhibited in 2018 and 2019 at the Lamborghini Museum in Sant'Agata. In addition, it comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Polo Storico Lamborghini, a precious document presented in a luxurious black case and delivered under the authority of the "Comitato dei Sagi" following a detailed inspection.
Rare and original, this very first version is worthy of serious consideration by enthusiasts, especially given its immaculate condition.

For more information and photos: https://www.artcurial.com/fr/lot-1968-lamborghini-400-gt-espada-3980-136

Photos © Peter Singhof