1967 Lamborghini 400 GT



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Belgian title

- Clear history
- Original engine
- Much work carried out

Among the numerous new models unveiled at the 1964 Geneva Motor Show, the Lamborghini 350 GT stood out as a star. The finished version of the 350 GTV prototype, it combined the best that Italy's car makers could produce: its body, by Touring, was a model of elegance and originality, while its exceptional V12 engine was developed by Giotto Bizzarrini, renowned for his work at Ferrari. The press had nothing but praise for the GT's excellent handling and immediately recognised Lamborghini as an accomplished car maker. Two years later, it was replaced by the 400 GT 2+2, which had minor changes to its body to accommodate two passengers in the back. The V12 was enlarged to 4 litres and developed 320bhp. Some of its predecessor's teething problems with its suspension and transmission were ironed out. Despite its outstanding qualities, only 247 units of the 400 GT were built (all versions).
Chassis no. 0874 was supplied new on 4 April 1967 to a resident of Rome, before being sold on 5 April 1973 to a lady who also lived in Rome. It was then purchased on 20 November 1978 for 5 million lire by a Belgian enthusiast, who registered it in Monaco in August 1980. Ten years later, with the car showing 52,212km it was acquired by a well-known specialist, who sold it to a collector from Paris in March 1992.Its previous owner bought it from him and in 2015, when it had had 57,000km on the clock, sold it. Since then, the car has covered fewer than 1000km.
The elegant body was previously repainted in its shade of grey and has been well preserved, with even panel gaps. No significant distortion was apparent when we examined the car. A file of bills indicates that the gearbox was refurbished and the clutch replaced by the specialist Ciclet Automobiles in 1991, when the car had done 51,570km. In 1992, Ciclet also carried out a mechanical overhaul which included adjusting the crankshaft and replacing the con-rod bearings, propshaft and valve gear. All the gaskets were changed and the entire engine meticulously set up. The odometer was then showing 52,760km. At the same time, the pedal bushings were replaced and the underbody restored. In 1995, the handsome leather upholstery was entrusted to a trimmer in Burgundy: he did an excellent job and its attractive patina can be admired today. The body seals were replaced at the same time. More recently, in 2011, the carburettors were reconditioned by AB-Racing, the ignition system was checked and adjusted, and the cooling system cleaned. A fresh general service will be carried out just before the auction by the current owner, who has driven the car little, but regularly. This Lamborghini has the inimitable charm of a car which has been regularly maintained but is patinated in the best sense of the term, and which is most likely showing its original mileage.
Combined with the model's many qualities, this car's clear history makes this 400 GT a very desirable example. As you set eyes on it, answering the call of the open road soon becomes an obsession.

Photos © Dirk de Jager

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