1965 Jensen CV8

Owned by Fleetwood Mac


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- Owned by Fleetwood Mac
- Glassfibre bodywork
- A true collectors item, offers greater rarity and a unique ‘60 charm, combining American muscle with traditional British craftsmanship
- Just over 500 C-V8s were produced by Jensen between 1962 and 1966
- 1 of 250 C-V8 MKII examples made
- Rare Left Hand Drive example
- A wonderful looking and superb driving example

“The impression that emerged was of a car superbly suited to Grand Touring in the true sense. A very smooth silent 6-litre engine and transmission gave it a performance so effortless as to be entirely deceptive” (Motor magazine, 1963).

The Jensen C-V8 was considered the super car of its era with one of the fastest accelerations of its time.

The C-V8 series had fiberglass bodywork (just the door skins were steel), as did the preceding 541 series.

Introduced at the October 1962 Earls Court Motor Show, the C-V8 instantly became one of the fastest four-seaters of its generation.

Penned by Eric Neale in consultation with the Jensen brothers, its dramatic glassfibre bodywork clothed an advanced tubular chassis designed by the recently recruited Kevin Beattie.

Just over 250 C-V8 MKII were produced by Jensen between 1963 and 1965.

Often overshadowed by its better known successor, the Interceptor, the C-V8 offers greater rarity and a unique Sixties charm, combining American muscle with traditional British craftsmanship.

The upgraded Mk. II, introduced in October 1963, had rear dampers and minor styling changes.

The model was discontinued in 1966 after a total production run of 500.


The car was manufactured on the 29th of April 1965.

The important history starts around the summer of 1987. The Jensen was shipped from England to California. It was owned by somebody with recording studios in London and was described as looking rather unusual.

A copy of the registration from 1996 from California shows that the car was owned by Michael Fleetwood, better known as Fleetwood Mac.

During it’s life the Jensen was converted from Right Hand Drive to Left Hand Drive.

The Jensen has been newly ordered in White with a Black interior.


During the last restoration, this Jensen has been resprayed in it’s current Red color.

The current exterior Red color suits the Black interior very well.

The paint of the car is beautiful. One can find very minor signs of use on the car.

The overall condition of the fiberglass body can be best described as close to perfect.

The chrome on the car is all in a very nice condition even as the windows and glasses.


The Jensen presents impressively well with very good cosmetics throughout.

The body of this car has been fully restored and it is therefore in a beautiful condition. All trim, carpeting and headlining has been renewed to period correct specification.

Windows, lamp glasses and other small details are all looking a very nice original order.


This beautifully styled Jensen exudes exclusivity and power.

The car is very fast but can be driven on a comfortable way as well.

The low production number of the Jensen C-V8 makes it a true collector’s car.

When we drove the car we enjoyed the test drive very much because the handling of the car is fantastic.

The power in the car is very impressive and the combination with the fantastic sound is difficult to describe but believe us, it’s impressive.

The Jensen is not only a great looking car, it’s also a fantastic experience to drive the car.

This beautiful C-V8 is ready to please its new owner and Jensen connoisseur.

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