1958 Jaguar XK 150


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    Convertible / Roadster
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One of the pleasures of being in the classic car restoration business for over a quarter of a century, is getting the chance to witness how graciously some of our "older restorations" have aged.

Take for example this Jaguar XK150S 3.4 litre Roadster: can you believe that more than seventeen years have passed since our restoration workshop Twin Cam gave this beauty a second life?
After all these years, its panels are still straight, they still fit perfectly and all gaps are exactly as they were just after the restoration.
The paintwork still looks excellent, even though this car has been rallied extensively and in a sporty way by its previous owner.
Indeed; you don't put a tripmaster in a trailer queen! Having driven some 23.000 km since its restoration, one can say this XK has been more than well-tried and tested.

This XK150S with chassis number T831751DN – with T indicating an S-specification and DN pointing out that an overdrive was fitted – was originally dispatched to New York in November 1958, and still retains the engine with which it was delivered, VS1640-9.
This 3.4 litre engine with triple SU H8 carbs and straight port cylinder head, both typical for the S-specification, provides a generous 250 horsepower – which is actually more than a 1954 D-Type engine! Coupled to its 4-speed gearbox with overdrive, the top speed lies over 200 km/h.
All the mechanics including the engine underwent a full revision during the restoration, and the engine was also fitted with an oil cooler.
At the same time, this XK150 was also upgraded with power steering and improved Coopercraft brakes.
Currently fitted with 15" chrome wire wheels, the car still retains its original (unrestored) 16" wheels.

Today: we still are proud of the restoration executed nearly 20 years ago.
We are grateful for our customers trust who asked us to maintain this XK over the years.
It's only logical that welcoming the car today into our showroom is a true delight for us.
As for tomorrow, we are convinced that this Jaguar will continue to age very graciously in the hands of its next owner... you?

Price: 190.000 Euro