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French registration papers (as a historic vehicle)
Chassis no. S681337

Complete restoration by Guy Broad
High-performance engine
Sold with its original engine block and gearbox

Even though the Second World War had gutted the country’s car production facilities, many manufacturers saw this period as an opportunity to launch a new generation of cars. In 1948, few sports cars were available on the market, and this was the time William Lyons chose to introduce the XK 120. Shaped by the wind and powered by a new twin-cam engine developing 160bhp, the model took its name from the top speed it could reach of 120mph, a rare feat at the time. The car soon won fame on track and on the speed ring at Montlhéry, where one car covered more than 16,000 miles without a break at an average speed of 100mph. Its highly attractive price for the period made it a remarkable commercial success, with just over 12,000 cars sold before it eventually made way for the new XK 140.

The Jaguar XK 120 Fixed Head Coupé we are presenting was sold new in 1954 by the Jaguar dealer in Los Angeles. As its Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate confirms, the body was originally finished in Pastel Green with a Suede Green leather interior. The car arrived from the United States in 2002, when an English collector living in France decided to add it to his collection. A particular fan of the cars from Browns Lane, its owner was also a great admirer of the work done by the Jaguar specialist Nigel Dawes. During the 1990s, Dawes turned his hand to modifying several XK 120 coupés. The engine, gearbox, brakes, suspension and even the bodywork were improved in many respects, with a view to improving the cars’ performance. In 2003, the XK 120 was entrusted to the specialist Guy Broad for a complete restoration. The body was stripped back to bare metal and repainted in Almond Green, the colour specific to Nigel Dawes’ XKs. Louvres were added to the bonnet in order to allow heat from the six-cylinder engine to escape more effectively. The engine was also substantially modified: in particular, it was fitted with three SU carburettors, a straight-port cylinder head, manifolds from an XK 150 and a distributor from an XJ6, and was mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Although work began in 2003, Guy Broad only finished the restoration of the XK 120 in 2015. The work carried out was superb and the materials used of the highest quality. This XK 120 FHC has been little used over the past few years and asks only to be driven once again. A mechanical service is, however, recommended if you wish to cover long distances. This extremely elegant English coupé is offered at an attractive estimated price, and it should be noted that the original engine block, gearbox and carburettors will be sold with the car and may be collected from the current owner.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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