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"Originally delivered to the first wealthy owner in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) through Sagers of Bulawayo in February 1953, little is known of this car during its time in southern Africa. It was not until its recent discovery by the current owner that its real identity came to light.
Jaguar chassis 669004 was uncovered by the vendor whilst looking for another type of car, more along the Mk. IX style. Land-locked Zimbabwe has the perfect temperate climate for keeping these cars in good order despite any superficial degradation. During his search, various other examples started to come out of the woodwork. A pristine Mk. IX then another from a tobacco farm north of Bulawayo. A partially dismantled XK140 was difficult to refuse and then whilst viewing this as part of a private collection, just visible in the long grass was the unforgettable shape of an XK120 fixedhead coupé.
But not just any fixedhead 120; incredibly, the fourth ever built. Four cars were eventually shipped back and the restoration, once safely home in the UK, began in earnest. Protecting the originality of the car had been a priority and, whilst some parts were missing, they have been replaced with sourced original parts. Simple and minimal modifications have been introduced where the better option was available such as rack and pinion steering, wire wheels, bucket seats and unique weld-free installation of telescopic shock absorbers. Other sympathetic modifications included a louvered bonnet and Le Mans fuel filler cap. Unused items and parts, rescued from the long grass, will also be included in the sale. The body was stripped and restored by award-winning Leaping Cats of Warwickshire with paint by Brookfield Classics ‘quality without compromise’, near Leicester with the engine rebuilt by Jaguar specialist, David Butcher.
The interior has been taken care of by CMC’s top trimmer, the renowned Tom Hampton, and assembly by meticulous owner, Tom Harris and, an icon in the XK world, Merv James. It is fair to say that this car has been restored regardless of cost and with only 195 right hand drive 120 fixedheads built in total with just two in 1951 (the scrapped prototype and the record-breaking ‘Seven days and Nights’ car) and another two in 1952, chassis 669003 now owned by E-Type and XK guru, Mr. Philip Porter, of famed Porter Press and this car, number four. Officially the second only XK120, right hand drive, fixedhead coupé ever sold to the general public.
Complete with XK Club certification and a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust certificate, it is safe to say that this is one of the rarest and most collectible XKs on the market today.
The following spare parts are also included with this lot;
• Original steering box and column• Original steering arms, links and idler• Original steering lock stops (cut from chassis)• Original steel wheels• Original aluminium and timber framed doors• Original door and bonnet and boot hinges• Miscellaneous catches and clips• Body fittings (small e.g. wing stays etc.)Interested parties should note that we have been advised that the vendor wishes to confirm, for the avoidance of any doubt, that the chassis is 100% original as is the body (although rebuilt). The engine block, head and gearbox are correct but the originals were not available. In addition, the description states that this is the fourth FHC example ever built but interested parties should know that lefthand drive, fixedhead coupés were built earlier.

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