1990 Jaguar XJR-15

XJR-S LYNX EVENTER, just One example of XJR-S LHD Pré Facelift ever made


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- The 57th built out of a total of 63 Eventers
- Just 1 example of XJR-S LHD pré facelift model was ever made
- Conceived as a luxurious and long-legged Grand Routier
- Each car was hand built strictly to order on a custom made Jaguar
- Extremely unique and desirable car

A Jaguar Lynx Eventer is a rare sight.

Although the official number states that 67 cars were produced, in reality only 63 Eventers were built. And of those 63, only one XJR-S LHD pré facelift model was ever made, making this beautiful example truly one of a kind.

The Lynx Motor Company, a little-known company based in Ripley, Derbyshire. Lynx then named its creation the Eventer

When Jaguar introduced the XJS in 1975, Lynx was quick to convert this new sportscar into a four seater convertible, named the Lynx Spider. But the introduction of the Jaguar produced XJS convertible in 1988, made an end to their initial success.

Being a creative company, they went another way. Based on the same XJS they designed the Lynx Eventer, transforming the two door sportscar into a sleek shooting-brake.
Their first prototype was ready in 1983 and received numerous good reviews, regarding the design, built quality and pure Britishness.

Buying an Eventer could be done in a few different ways. One could order a brand-new XJS from the Jaguar factory and have it directly sent to Lynx, but it was also possible to have an already bought XJS converted.

In 19 years’ time, the last Eventer being built in 2002, Lynx produced only 63 cars, each one was hand built strictly to order on a custom made Jaguar taking 14 weeks from order to delivery


This beautifully presented Lynx Eventer was first registered the 5th of February 1991. Its first owner was the Belgian writer and poet Roland Busselen.

The car left the factory as a black Jaguar XJR-S 6.0 Litre, the most powerful and sporty XJS on the market.

With its tuned 6,0-litre V12 with injection, producing around 330 horsepower, the XJR-S was produced by Jaguar Sport, a 50/50 collaboration between Jaguar and the famous Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) company.

After driving his car for two years, Mr. Busselen went to Jaguar Brussels to have it converted by Lynx to an Eventer.

The car arrived there on the third of June 1993 and was finished in the beginning of October that same year, being the 57th Eventer ever built.

Besides the conversion to shooting brake, Busselen choose several options. The Black exterior was painted in British Racing Green and the car was fitted with special Lynx rear seats. These are much deeper than the standard ones. He furthermore ordered special woodwork, Lynx badges and the rear washer and wiper.

Mr. Busselen drove his car primarily in and around Monaco where he lived, until he sold it to a French car collector in 2001 were she was part of an extensive collection.

Approximately ten years later the Jaguar was bought by it’s former Belgian owner in 2011, a gentleman with an impressive collection, who decided to give the car a total restoration.

A nice touch is that this owner knew the car from his youth, as he used to live in the same street as the first owner.

The car was sent to KWE in the U.K., well known for their extensive experience on Jaguars. In 2016 the car underwent a total restoration, both cosmetic as technical. The engine and gearbox were completely rebuilt, the electrical system was checked and partially remade and all other technical parts were made as new.

The Jaguar was repainted in the very attractive and period-correct colour of Gun Metal Grey, beautifully complementing the Green leather interior. The colours were matching the owners’ Aston Martin DB7 (which was made in the same factory as the XJR-S).

We think is the greatest colour combination. This colour suits the Jaguar very well, and shows the stunning lines perfectly.

The exterior of the Jaguar is in a very nice cosmetic condition. It is clearly visible that a lot of time and money has been spend on this car.

The paintwork of the car has been done to high standards and shows a beautiful deep shine.

The body of the car is very nice and very straight displaying perfect fits and gaps.
The lights and glasses are all in a very nice condition.


The interior has been extremely impressive restored.
An invoice of € 16.000,- shows how well the work was done.

The headlining and carpet are all new even as the leather on the seats.

Inside the cabin everything is clean, neat and tidy. The upholstery is in excellent condition all round, as is the dash, steering wheel, instruments and controls.

The interior couldn’t be more British, with its spotless green leather and wood trim, the interior colour combines beautifully with the Grey exterior color.

It gives the car a finishing touch and it turns the car in a piece of art. Customers who are passing the car in our showroom are very (positively) surprised when they see the beautiful Green interior.

During the conversion in 1995, the famous owner, the writer Mr. Busselen choose several options and the car was fitted with special Lynx rear seats which are still present in the car.

The materials used are at a very high level and all the details on the dashboard and instruments were comprehensively and correctly restored.


At first glance it is amazing to see how well the conversion to shooting brake works. The proportions of the Lynx Eventer are spot on, making the car low and elegant. Its unique design ranks the car among other great Shooting Brakes, such as Aston Martin’s and Ferrari’s.

The powerful V12-engine propels the car forward in a fast, but stately British way, producing a beautifully distinguished sound, while the automatic gearbox does its work without any hesitation.

This Lynx Eventer might be one of the most sporty ones, being based on the XJR-S, it still is an amazing car to travel big distances in style and comfort. But at the same time more than capable of tackling those winding corners.

It’s one of those cars that is very usable as daily driver, but also a great joy to just behold.

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