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In the mid-1960s Jaguar decided to create a new car that would retain the prestige and elegance of the carmaker, while introducing design innovations that would not disappoint enthusiasts. Thus was born the XJ series, an acronym for 'eXperimental Jaguar', the last car designed under the direction of founder Sir William Lyons, who remained in charge despite the new takeover by the British Motor Corporation. There were several models launched in those years and the acronyms referred to the engine they featured.
In 1968 the XJ 6 was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, a luxury saloon that quickly became the company's flagship model. The slimmer body design with its new taut lines was immediately appealing. It featured a new bonnet with strong ribbing and a new low rectangular grille. The interior was more modern and rational, but lacked the traditional opulence of previous models. For the first time the dashboard, despite being well-made, was veneered in varnished wood. Likewise the natural leather upholstery, standard only on some versions, no longer included the door panels which were in vinyl. This model was an evolution of the previous 420G. It was rear-wheel drive with independent suspension with transverse arms.
The magnificent example we are offering at auction is part of the first series, which was certainly the most popular both in its day and age and was first registered in Italy in 1977. It was found in an old garage after many years by a family member of the original owner (now deceased). For this reason, it is 100% barn find, as it has only had two owners to date. The bodywork is in excellent condition, the paintwork is still that of first production (first paint). Under the dust it is intact and shows no defects. The Interior is original, intact and preserved. The engine having been stopped for several years will certainly need a general overhaul of all mechanical components and some accessories, but it is 100% original. This car is part of an amazing collection of recently barn found cars belonging to a gentleman from a well-respected Italian family. Fortunately, a member of the same family rediscovered the car and decided to return a trio of historically significant cars to the enthusiast world. The car comes with its original plates, original registration plus all its original Jaguar documentation. It will be auctioned at the 2021 Milano AutoClassica show in the exact condition in which it was found.