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1964 Jaguar Mark X 3.8-Litre Saloon
Registration no. UPD 621S
Chassis no. 306644DN
Engine no. ZB2046-8

'Undoubtedly the biggest surprise which this new Jaguar gives on taking the wheel for the first time concerns the matter of size. Its beautiful sweeping lines seen from the outside, and its spacious and luxurious interior sam¬pled from within, both suggest the large car that it really is ... yet it does not feel a large car to drive. The finger-light controls, the good forward vision and, above all, the taut "oneness" about the whole car all combine to place a driver immediately at ease.' – Motor magazine on the Jaguar Mark X.

Launched in October 1961, the Jaguar Mark X was technically more advanced than preceding Jaguar saloons and featured independent rear suspension similar to that of the E-Type sports car. The same unit as that fitted to the contemporary E-Type, its engine was the tried-and-tested 3.8-litre XK six producing 265bhp on triple SU carburettors, and for a car weighing around two tons the 120mph Mark X was impressively quick, though inevitably the weight took its toll of the fuel consumption. The interior, like that of all Jaguar saloons, was exceptionally well appointed and comfortable, and the Mark X came with power-assisted steering as standard. By the time the face-lifted 420G version came along in 1966, the Mark X was being built with 4.2-litre engine and (optional) all-synchromesh gearbox while incorporating numerous other improvements.

This Mark X was exported new to South Africa and subsequently shipped back to the UK, becoming part of the Sondes Fields Collection in 1977. In 1994 the car was sent to Paladin Jaguar of Reigate, Surrey for restoration, which included an engine rebuild, a change of exterior colour from blue to red and an interior re-trim in cream vinyl (see bills on file). Maintained by the collection's in-house mechanic, whose hand-written notes are on file, the Mark X was last MoT'd in 2006, since when it has been started regularly and driven on private roads within the estate. A new brake master cylinder was fitted recently and the steering box has been converted to power assistance by Power Steering Services. Presented in generally very good condition and running/driving very well, 'UPD 621S' should require only minimal re-commissioning before returning to active road use. Sold strictly as viewed, the car is offered with service manual, maintenance/service handbook, expired MoT (2006), V5 registration document and the aforementioned restoration bills.