1973 Jaguar E-Type SIII

Coupe V12


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• After body and paint renovation in the US
• Original coloring Pale Primrose Yellow and Moss Green
• Low kilometrage

Estimated value 130,000-160,000 PLN

Model history
Jaguar E-Types were manufactured from 1961 until 1975.
All E-Type Jaguars were as standard equipped with independent front suspension with tor-sion bars and disc brakes both in the front and in the rear, which was very uncommon then and if available, only as option. To meet customers’ wishes, in 1966 a 2+2 Coupe version was presented, which differed from the basic version with the additional couple of seats, automatic transmission (optional) and a slightly elongated silhouette. The last – third – series was equipped with a 5.3 l V12 engine of 272 hp. Series 3 was already available as a Convertible and 2+2. Longer wheelbase meant more space inside. The 3 series can be recognized by a big, cross-grill, wider rear tyres and a four-end exhaust.

History of the car
The Jaguar E-Type presented by Ardor Auctions is a 3 series car, one of more interesting offers in the category of classic cars for everyday use. The original coloring – Pale Primrose Yellow body and Moss Green leather upholstery – stresses the esthetics of this timeless cou-pe. Originally in American specs, this specimen underwent a complete body and paint resto-ration executed still in the US in 2008 The car’s interior is has its original patina. After a servi-cing this E-Type will surely become a true companion for years. This Jaguar is fully prepared for registration, has all the appropriate documents and taxes & duties paid.