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"DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL, THIS LOT HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN FROM THE AUCTIONThe Jaguar E-Type was initially designed and shown to the public as a grand tourer in two-seater coupé form and as a convertible roadster. The 2+2 version, with a lengthened wheelbase, was released several years later. On its release, Enzo Ferrari called the Jaguar E-Type The most beautiful car ever made. Open headlights without glass covers, a wrap-around rear bumper, repositioned and larger front indicators and tail lights below the bumpers, better cooling aided by an enlarged ‘mouth’ and twin electric fans, together with uprated brakes are all hallmarks of Series II cars. The engine is easily identified visually by the change from smooth polished cam covers to a ‘ribbed’ appearance. The interior and dashboard were also redesigned with rocker switches being substituted for toggle switches. The dashboard switches also lost their symmetrical layout. New seats were fitted which purists claim lacked the style of the originals but were certainly more comfortable and air conditioning and power steering were available as factory options.
Number seven in the production of the Jaguar E-Type, chassis number 1007, this early car was, as was with many late Series I and early Series II cars, rather rushed to the customer as demand significantly out stripped supply. Because of this some early Series II cars were supplied with US specification panels or bumpers which also meant US indicators, in this instance the front are operational but not the rear as there is no wiring. Our vendor has sourced information from an ex-employee of Browns Lane that supplied these cars in 1968 and he confirmed this. Our vendor, along with another early Series II owner who he has corresponded with, both have the addition of US indicators however his rear indicators are working but not the front! Some would say this is a unique car, rarer than the early flat floor..
This original righthand drive UK car was supplied by Elmbridge Motors, Tolworth in October 1968 and is in truly fabulous order throughout. Originally supplied in a, special order, metallic beige as detailed by the accompanying Heritage Certificate, this car was repainted to a spectacular finish of Rolls-Royce Regal Red in 1973, by the then owner a Mr. Malcolm Roberts, the second owner in the Buff logbook. Our vendor purchased this vehicle from a Mr. Room, he had knowledge of the car from a good friend and the moment it became available, he snapped it up knowing the condition. Mr. Room had intended to use and enjoy the car but due to work and business commitments it was parked it in a heated and well ventilated garage in the summer of 1989, little did he know that work would send him to Australia and then further commitments meant ten years later the car was still in the garage, good as the day it went in.
By 1999, having barely used the car Mr. Room developed health issues, he needed two replacement hips leaving it very difficult to use the car and with further difficulties, suddenly 20 years had gone by! At this point, he decided to muster the momentum to recommission the car. Now retired, in 2013, work began. Having been stored perfectly, the recommissioning although necessary, revealed the car was still in fabulous order. Works included overhauling the water system and radiator, hydraulics, brakes, front and rear suspension, fuel systems, steering and clutch. There is a full history file with invoices and a list created by the owner to fully detail the works.
In 2016, after finally having some enjoyment in the E-type, Mr. Room decided to sell the car and our vendor was more than happy to purchase it. Our vendor has since loved and used the car in European tours and regular trips however the car is still presents in fabulous conditions and truly reflects a restored car. Indeed you would be hard pressed to think that the restoration was more than a few years ago. We are informed the car starts on the button and runs beautifully. Contained within the history file is the Buff log book, Heritage Certificate, MoT test certificates dating back to 1979 and a letter from previous owner of 27 years Mr. Room, this is coupled with the invoices from recommissioning and any details since. This car holds the key British originality and charm and viewing is highly recommended to appreciate this very handsome Roadster."

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