1967 Jaguar E-Type SI


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1967 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2-Litre Coupé
Registration no. DHJ 582
Chassis no. 1E21548

Acquired by the vendor in 1993, this 4.2-litre E-Type coupé has been restored by him, and following the rebuild's completion in 2011 was featured in Practical Classics magazine (copy available). Off the road for some time when acquired and looking somewhat neglected, the E-Type nevertheless passed its MoT and was used for a year before the owner decided to treat it to a mild refreshment. Looking presentable again, the car was used for another five years until forced off the road with an ignition fault. The owner's personal circumstances did not afford him the time to sort the problem immediately, and when he finally got around to resurrecting 'DHJ 582' in 2004 it was with the intention of undertaking a much more thorough rebuild.

The E-Type was stripped down to a bare shell, which revealed numerous amateurish repairs that took two years of painstaking work with a MIG welder to put right. A work colleague had taught the vendor the traditional lead loading technique, which proved invaluable in restoring the bodyshell, that was finished off with six coats of Carmen Red paint, the car's original colour. Stripping the engine revealed minimal wear, the only defect being slight scoring on the crankshaft, which was sent away for professional re-polishing, while all the gearbox required was two new synchromesh rings. The suspension and axle assemblies were rebuilt while off the car and the braking system replaced. Inside the car the headlining was replaced and the leather upholstery re-conditioned. A new wiring loom was fitted, and in April 2011 'DHJ 582' was driven to the MoT test station where it passed first time. Restoration bills are on file and the car also comes with a V5C Registration Certificate and Jaguar E-Type Autobook.

According to Practical Classics, this E-Type "isn't over restored like many examples you'll see, and it hasn't been subject to a chequebook restoration. This is a true rarity – an honest E-Type that has kept its patination".