1966 Jaguar E-Type SI



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Award Winning Example – National Champion, Multiple Best Of Show Awards
Complete Documentation File, Including Jaguar Heritage Certificate
Exceptional 100-point Restoration By Noted Marque Expert
Commonly Heralded As One Of “The Most Beautiful Cars In The World”
Includes Tool Roll, Jack, Hammer, Car Cover, Numerous Awards and Trophies


This E-Type Roadster has repeatedly stopped people in their tracks when they see it in our showroom since arrival here. Achingly beautiful with the original color combination and quality of the restoration apparent immediately upon inspection.

Known as the “XKE” in the U.S., the Jaguar E-type finds itself on virtually every automotive expert’s list of the world’s most beautiful cars. No less a figure than Enzo Ferrari was noted as being struck by its beauty, and that influence can be seen in his cars in subsequent years. That the E- Type came in priced well below anything even approaching its performance and technical sophistication at the time is astounding. First shown in Geneva in 1961, the E-type immediately captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide.

The example here is largely held to be the perfect iteration of the car. It combines the early design’s covered headlights, more delicate chrome bumpers, with the later car’s larger 4.2L engine, better brakes, cooling and electrical systems. With its sensual shape and engine directly descending from the C and D types that dominated international racing in the 1950s, the E-type is a timeless touring car with motorsport lineage.

The E-Type launched with a 3.8L engine derived from the XK150S, which produced a stout 265hp and featured triple SU carburetors. In 1964 Jaguar fitted a larger 4.2L engine, and while the horsepower rating remained at 265hp, the torque numbers were up substantially to 283 ft.-lb., and over a broader curve. The car became imminently more drivable and enjoyable with this change, along with better cooling, electrical and braking systems, as well as a full syncromesh gearbox.

According to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate that is present with the car, 1E12126 left the factory in Opalescent Silver Blue over a Dark Blue interior. With a build date of December 2, 1965, the car was dispatched to the USA distributor - Jaguar Cars in New York on December 16th.

The car was sold to the first owner, a Mr. Summers of Houston, TX in February of 1966 via Bob Morin Motors. Mr. Summers enjoyed the car briefly for 18 months, before selling it to a Mr. Garcia, also in the Houston area, in late 1967

Mr. Garcia owned the car for 12 years and used it regularly for the first seven years, and then it appears to have moved to static storage for the final five years of his caretaking period. Sold again in 1979 to a Mr. Smith for a short stint, and then purchased by a Mr. Archincal in December 1980.

Mr. Archinal became a long term caretaker of 1E12126, holding on to the car for 38 years. Used sparingly over the first three decades of ownership, the extensive restoration has handled under his watchful eye in 2012-2013, and the car has seen very limited road mileage since. Of interesting note from all the above owners, the car resided in Texas from 1966 until 2019 when it came to Washington State.

The restoration was carried out by Jeff Snyder at Jeff’s Resurrections of Taylor, TX. Mr. Snyder is no stranger to top level restorations, having a long list of national awards and accolades for Jaguars turned out by his shop. The restoration began with Mr. Archinal dropping the car off, for a full assessment upon delivery. Then it was completely disassembled. Every nut, bolt, wire, trim, etc. was carefully assessed for restoration or thoughtful replacement with the goal to build a 100-point car that could compete on the national level in judged concours events. The restoration consumed 2,500+ man hours and invoices nearing $250K.

That 100-point goal was handily achieved in 2013 with the car receiving top honor as the “2013 National Champion – E-Type Series 1, Jaguar Club of North America.” The car went on to be judged at a dozen more events from 2013 to 2015, where it routinely scored 100.00 points, while also receiving several “Best of Show” awards along the way.

Driving is enhanced with the addition of a Welsh 5-speed transmission, and the car is offered with a fully restored tool kit, jack, wheel hammer, extensive documentation file, Heritage Certificate, and numerous boxes of trophies, awards, and judging sheets.

This exceptional Series 1 4.2L Jaguar E-Type Roadster is ready for any concours event, tour, or rally around the world, without excuse. A must have for any serious Jaguar collector that desires only the best example of an E-Type in their collection.

Please contact Jason Harris at +1-206-355-7727 for more information on this 1966 Jaguar E-Type Roadster.