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Serial number 890835
Nice condition
Important invoice file
Genuine 3rd hand
French collector's registration

This car is no longer in the limelight as it became an automotive myth and is now a must-have in any important collection. It is the all-rounder of the sports cars of its time. Its success lies in a few secrets that have helped make the Jaguar E-Type what it is today. First of all, it is accessible. Indeed, when it came out in 1961, the new car from the cat company broke records compared to the big sports brands like Ferrari or Aston Martin, which were only accessible to an elite. The "E" is also beautiful, its bodywork is as elegant as an evening gown, all the colours of Jaguar's colour chart suit it perfectly and the model remains aesthetically very affiliated to the "D" with its endless bonnet and its feline posture ready to pounce. It is also very innovative in terms of mechanics and comfort, its suspensions will still be used for the XJS jaguars at the dawn of the 1980s, its handling was largely above its competitors. Mechanically, the first series benefited from the 3.8L engine and 240 horsepower for 1275 kg on the scale, in direct competition with the Aston Martin DB4 and its 1240 kg of equal power but not at the same price. Elegance, comfort, luxury, power, there was no shortage of adjectives to describe Jaguar's new baby at the time and today, 60 years after the release of the first series, it still turns heads.

The E-Type shown here is a Series 1 first registered on New Year's Eve 1964 in New York City, then owned by a famous New York architect. Subsequently resold, the "E" remained in the USA where it was purchased by the President of the Jaguar Owners Club of California based in Los Angeles who kept it for several decades before its arrival in France in the early 2010s where it was recovered by the current owner who undertook a major restoration work in 2015 with a check of the chassis and underpinnings, a complete paint job in the original Jaguar black colour, a full refurbishment of the interior where cream coloured leather was applied. Today, in a beautiful state of presentation, this 3.8L coupe presents a nice and original aesthetic configuration which sublimates the lines of the feline. Mechanically, the 6-cylinder engine with twin camshafts was also entirely revised to take the road with confidence, and the original four-speed gearbox was also revised. Now, as it was 60 years ago, buying a Jaguar E-Type is to acquire a true work of art on four wheels, a bewitching machine that makes everyone agree, even Enzo Ferrari.

5 Rue Royale
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