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Guide price: ??90000 - ??110000.  
- Constructed during 2004-2005 by expert craftsmen, Proteus founder and C-Type guru, Jim Marland
- Totally authentic and period correct in British Racing Green with a Stratos Silver and Suede Green interior
- Engine rebuild by HRG Sandbach Ltd, bespoke exhaust by Aubrey Finburgh, alloy rims by Turrino 
- Correctly-shaped bucket seats covered in Suede Green leather and fitted with Willans 4-point harnesses 
- TLE 730 is a period-correct registration. Recognised as a 'Jaguar Sports' on the V5c
Jim Marland, founder of Proteus Engineering and creator of perhaps the most highly regarded C-Type recreations during the Eighties, was commissioned in 2004 by a prominent Manchester businessman to help with the reconstruction of this glorious Jaguar C-Type. Based on a 1956 Jaguar saloon, the car had already been converted to an Autec C-Type replica during the mid-1970s, and although sound, was not to the required standards of its new owner, Mr Rosson.Indeed, much credit must go to Rosson for the part he played since the correspondence between both gentlemen during the subsequent 18-month build is quite enlightening, with Rosson exhibiting many hallmarks of a competent engineer himself.  The resulting car is quite likely the very best C-Type Jaguar recreation we've ever had the privilege to offer, and we question if better exists at all.  The fact that this car was completed more than 13 years ago almost beggars belief.  The tubular spaceframe chassis and hand-crafted aluminium body will please even the most discerning buyer as much today as it, almost certainly, did at the time. As well as being a vision in sheet metal, the car drives sweetly with that sonorous 3.8-litre Jaguar straight-six perfectly matched to the four-speed Jaguar box now sensibly fitted with overdrive. Light in weight and genuinely powerful, the car possesses an almost frightening turn of speed given the modest period comforts of the cabin and the traditionally exposed driving position. We also love that it's the collaborative efforts of Jim Marland's valuable contacts, tried and tested over many years, which saw HRG Sandbach Ltd recruited for a full engine rebuild (£9,000), Classic Auto's Aubrey Finburgh for a complete and bespoke exhaust system (£1,500), and Turrino Wire Wheels to supply period-correct alloy-rimmed polished silver wheels (£3,700). All these and many more have lent their skills and knowledge to help create the detail-rich car Rosson set out to achieve.The exacting standards and marque knowledge of the build team have been applied to every aspect of the car such as the front grille, the door hinges, the switchgear, the seats, and the tonneau fastenings, traditionally where lesser builders will cut a few corners. Nothing has been left to chance. Quite honestly, the only question that remains is quite how, after all this time, the car has still only travelled a nominal 1,500 miles or so since being constructed!Another pleasing aspect is that with the original donor being a 1956 Jaguar, our car wears a period-correct registration, and is listed on the V5c as a 'Jaguar Sports' with a 3781cc engine, ruling out the possibility of the dreaded 'Q' plate or even an age-related alternative.It has been commented before that, with modifications to the gearbox and suspension, it's not inconceivable that this car could be granted FIA papers, further enhancing its potential value. It would be remiss of us not to share this information, but quite why one might choose to risk such a beautifully presented classic in the fraught world of historic racing rather misses the magic of this evocative recreation. If you don't believe us, by all means, come and see for yourself.

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