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C.1890 Horse Drawn Invalid Carriage (Maker Unknown)

These vehicles were used predominantly by invalids or the elderly. They were mainly used in private grounds so that people could 'take the air', usually pulled by a pony and led by a servant, with another servant walking behind to assist if required. The rear handle was mainly for use in the coach house. These carriages were nearly always hooded and some had tiller steering so that a pony was not required.

This example has English pattern wheels, rubber shod, on a steel axle. The body is suspended on 'C' springs front and rear, and the fifth wheel is steel. Externally it is fitted with a folding hood with hood jacks, which can be lowered in fine weather. There is a side door for easy access; the front closes over the legs of the incumbent and the folding window is attached to the hood. The opening window is glass with mahogany framing and is hinged, while the interior is upholstered with blue West of England Cloth, although the seat cushion appears to have no outer covering.

This vehicle had been in dry storage for many years when it was sold from the Kingsley Curtis Collection at Bonhams' Goodwood Members' Sale in March 2016 (Lot 5). Kingsley had purchased the carriage at the Finbows Collection dispersal auction in 1976. In 2016 the vehicle was described as in good original condition and an interesting addition for a collector. Although purchased at the sale it has never been collected. Sold strictly as viewed.

Bonhams 1793
101 New Bond Street
United Kingdom
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