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Guide price: ??15000 - ??20000.
- A right-hand drive example of Honda's famous 'rev-for-ever' little sports car
- Full body-off restoration between 2014-17, in great condition that needs to be seen
- Engine overhauled in 2017 by S800 Club Chairman, a former Rolls-Royce engineer
- Highly advanced and jewel-like 791cc DOHC four-cylinder engine

Considering that it was, and probably still is, the world's largest producer of motorcycles, it's not surprising that Honda's first sports cars featured technology borrowed from its Grand Prix-winning two-wheelers. Engines were all-aluminium, twin-overhead-camshaft, four-cylinder units with roller bearings used throughout, and the early 531cc S500 and 606cc S600 models employed a part-chain transmission. Introduced in 1963, the S500 was Honda's first production motor car of any kind. Despite the tiny engine, its performance was amazing, a top speed of around 80mph (129km/h) being achievable under favourable conditions. The engine red line was set at a scary (in 1963) unprecedented 9,500rpm. Launched in March 1964, the S600 was the first of the family to be available as a closed coupé (the S500 was produced as a roadster only) and the first to be manufactured in left-hand drive form for export. It was also the most successful, out-selling both its predecessor and the later S800. Introduced in 1965 at the Tokyo Motor Show, the last-of-the-line 791cc S800 retained the separate ladder-frame chassis and chain drive of its predecessors. After approximately 1,000 cars had been produced, the S800 adopted a more conventional final drive consisting of a prop shaft and coil-sprung live rear axle located by radius arms and a Panhard rod. Front disc brakes, replacing the original drums, were standardised soon after.Revving to 8,000rpm and with 70bhp on tap, the S800 was good for almost 100mph and more than capable of giving the larger 'Spridgets' and Spitfires a run for their money.'OKK 646F' is a right-hand drive example of Honda's famous 'rev-for-ever' little sports car and was the recipient of a full body-off restoration between 2014-17. The engine was overhauled in 2017 by the S800 Club Chairman, who was a former Rolls-Royce engineer, and the car looks to be in great condition with smart coachwork, an excellent interior and dashboard, a very tidy engine bay, and good wheels and tyres. Coming from careful ownership for the past few years, this 'little jewel' of an S800 is being offered at an attractive estimate and is worthy of serious consideration.

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