1962 Goggomobil TS-250


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- Founded in 1951, Hans Glas was a German motorbike manufacturer, active between 1951 and 1969. In 1955, they presented the Goggomobil, a microcar equipped with a rear-mounted, 2-stroke, air-cooled motorbike engine with an initial displacement of 250cc, then increased to 300cc and, in the final evolution, 400cc. Initially presented with saloon bodywork, the Goggomobil, since 1957, was available in the TS model, with a Coup eacute bodywork. The TS was produced in 66,511 units until 1969.
- Well-made, with some technical refinements such as independent wheel suspension and load-bearing body. Among the small cars of the period, it was the one with the best construction quality and most advanced technology.
- Goggomobils still supported today by a very active club based in Germany.
- Goggomobil name had a particular origin: Hans Glas #39 grandson was nicknamed Goggi, from there, Goggi Mobil, then Goggomobil in its final version.
- Hans Glas models always considered true small cars and not motorbikes: reliable and well finished, they set a quality level difficult for competitors to attain.
- First registered in Germany on 7 March 1962, with a well-known history since June 1968, when it was registered and then sold by the BMW dealership in Munich, in the name of a worker, with the number plate still used today, from Lauf an der Pegnitz, a town of about 30,000 inhabitants east of Nuremberg. In September 1975, a headmaster still living in Lauf became the owner and, in 1985, it was sold to a new user, also from the Nuremberg area.
- Restored completely when it arrived in Italy: there are photos of it during the various stages of processing. It has not been used since then.
- German number plate and logbook.
- An excellent example with a well-known history, in splendid post-restoration condition.