1995 Ford Thunderbird


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1995 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

Designer: Jack Telnack

Estimate: $10,000-$15,000
Engine: 3.8L, 230 bhp V-6
Eaton Supercharger
Mazda M5R2 Five-Speed Manual Transmission
Four-Wheel Power Disk Brakes

Mileage: 15,600 (actual)

• Like-New Condition With Only 15,600 Miles
• 1 of only 574 Super Coupes Produced In 1995 (Final Year)
• Rare Factory Five-Speed Manual Transmission Car

The Model – The tenth generation of the Ford Thunderbird debuted in late 1988 and would last until the end of the 1997 model year. The base model car produced 140 bhp which many considered underpowered for a car pushing 3,500 pounds. Ford’s answer to the power shortfall was to mate an Eaton supercharger to the Essex V-6 and produce the new Super Coupe also known as the Thunderbird SC. In the final model year, 1995, the Super Coupe delivered 230 bhp. Savvy buyers opted for the rare Mazda-sourced five-speed manual transmission. Motor Trend magazine tested a 1995 Thunderbird Super Coupe against the Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34 and the legendary Buick Regal Gran Sport. Surprisingly, the Super Coupe performed best overall performance with a 7.0 second 0-60 mph time and a 15.2 second quarter mile at 88.1 mph. Truly a car that does not disappoint in any performance category. The final 1995 production year saw only 574 Super Coupes leave the Lorain, Ohio factory. Most suffered at the hands of over-enthusiastic owners making them rare cars today in any condition. Rarer still are mint-condition survivors.

The Car – This immaculate Thunderbird Super Coupe has seen only 15,600 miles of careful limited usage since its delivery. Resplendent in white with an incredibly well-preserved grey leather interior, this car is one of only 574 delivered in the final year of production. This example is a rare manual transmission car. No expense was spared in preserving this car as it left the factory. A high-performance stereo system is discreetly mounted in the glove box to preserve the originality of the dash. The owner also discreetly integrated a backup camera into the rear view mirror as well. A high-capacity billet radiator is fitted as are new factory-correct Tokico adjustable shock absorbers. The engine bay is just as well-preserved as the paint and interior. This is truly an extraordinary preservation car with numerous awards to prove just that. This is an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a perfect car that delivers uncompromised street-legal performance.