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• Only 47,757 Miles
• It belongs to the United States Army
• Original Hard Top
• Imported by the German Armed Forces
• Modified by the prestigious "Perini" body shop
• Barn Find
• Preserved original
• Original interior

In 1951, Ford Motors Company won the tender to build a new military vehicle. The M151, known by the acronym MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck), was born as an evolution of the M38 jeep. While the former was associated with World War II, this new vehicle was associated with the Vietnam War. It was a 1/4-tonne vehicle and had a monocoque body that was able to withstand the high stresses of off-road use. The open cockpit with its canvas roof was made larger, allowing more space for the people occupying it. Also in this model the front grille with the 7 bars was used, but contrary to the Jeep they were placed in a horizontal position because of the copyright. The greatest technological innovation was certainly the suspension, which became independent with coil springs. This choice allowed for greater speed, agility and maneuverability on rough terrain while maintaining a high level of ride comfort. Components were simplified and standardised to allow emergency repairs with a minimum of kit. The engine was front-mounted with 4-wheel drive. This model was used until the 1980s and in over 100 countries worldwide. In the 1970s, a passion for extreme off-road driving convinced a passionate coachbuilder, Ennio Perini, to adapt and refit these wonderful vehicles.
This is one of them.
The superb example we are offering at auction is one of the few known examples in the world with the name M151 S Perini. It belonged to the American army and was imported to Europe as a wreck by the German Armed Forces, and was first registered in Italy in 1978. This rare example was found in an old garage after many years by a family member of the original owner (now deceased). For this reason it is 100% to be considered a barn find, as to date it has had only two owners, the bodywork is in a condition for restoration, the paint is still that of first production, but the bodywork needs a total overhaul and a complete repaint. The interior is original, intact and preserved, just needs to be cleaned and overhauled. The engine having been stopped for several years will certainly need a general overhaul of all mechanical components and some accessories, but it is 100% original. The car also comes with its original Hard Top, original number plates, original registration plus all its original documentation. This car is part of an amazing collection of recently barn found cars that belonged to a gentleman from an esteemed Italian family. Fortunately, a member of the same family rediscovered them and decided to return a trio of historically significant cars to the enthusiast world. It will be auctioned at the 2021 Milano AutoClassica show in the exact condition in which it was found.

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