1972 Ford Mustang


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    Convertible / Roadster
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The 1972 Mustang model year was largely unchanged from the 1971 model, something that was never witnessed in the history of this model. The 1972 version was only identifiable by the "Mustang" model name written in block letters above the rear tail-light and nothing else. Engine offering didn't contemplate any big-block options, as Ford discontinued the venerable 429 Cobra jet engine in favour of smaller and more economical units. Customers could choose between the standard 250 cubic inches six cylinder or spec the optional 302 two barrel, 351 in two and four barrel form or the desirable Cleveland 351 HO and Cobra Jet V8's.
The '72 Mustang was offered also with the special "Sprint" decor package that went alongside the more famous Mach 1. The Sprint was a limited edition that was offered also on the Pinto and Maverick models, and featured a patriotic blue and red stripes with the USA shield applied on the rear quarter panels. In particular, of the already rare Cabriolet version of the '72 Mustang (6,401 units built) only 52 Mustangs cabriolets were offered in this configuration.