1970 Ford Mustang

Mach I R-Code


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Designer: Gail Halderman

Estimate: $65,000 -­ $80,000

Chassis Number: 0F05R112782
Decoded: 0=1970; F=Dearborn, MI assembly; 05=Mustang Mach 1 Fastback; R=428 Cobra­Jet
V8; 112782=12,792nd 1970 Ford scheduled for production at Dearborn
Engine: 429 cid OHV “Cobra­Jet” V8
4­-barrel Carburetor / 360 bhp
4­-Speed Manual Transmission
Power Assisted Hydraulic Front Disc and Rear Drum Brakes

● Genuine Mach 1 Cobra­Jet
● Outstand Fit and Finish
● Stock Looks, Performance Engine

The Model: While the Mustang was the sporty little car that was for everyone, those within the project knew that its performance image would be a major selling point. By 1968, the GT option was waning, so a new, more potent model was developed for the 1969 model year, the Mach 1. For 1970, this special model even gained its own sequence in the ID numbers, and while the smaller displacement 351 V8 was standard, for those who had the need for speed came the Cobra­Jet 429. The fabled R­-Code engines could turn in performances such as 0­-60 mph in 6.5 seconds and hitting the quarter­ mile in under 15 seconds, right out of the box. Mach 1’s has a number of items that set them apart from lesser Mustangs, such as the rear window slats, Magnum 500 wheels and unique paint schemes including a black­out hood. It was simply, Ford-fast.

The Car: Among all the engine choices for the Mach 1, the R­-Code was the rarest, and also the fastest when they were new. But there are people in this world who have a higher need for speed and many can do it with class and style regardless of the rarity of the car. This beautiful Mach 1 had been given that treatment with a built engine that out­performs its original specs. The engine bay looks pure stock, highly detailed with proper decals and stickers all in place. Under the car, the amount or work and detailing invested has paid off with its appearance being show­car ready. The black vinyl bucket seats appears to be just as it was originally built but with the subtle addition of a pair of VDO gauges, while retaining its factory gauges and even an AM radio. Fast as fast can be, is this sharp Mach 1.