1970 Ford Mustang



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− Classic sportsroof body variant
− After a complete restoration in the United States
− Equipped with Boss 302 bodykit accessories
Estimated value: 130 000 - 150 000 złoty
Model History
First projects of the Ford Mustang were born in 1961 and as soon as in October 1962 decision was taken to produce this car. The first cars left the production line on 9th March, 1964. For the first time with Ford, to keep up with customers’ wishes, a very rich palette of colors for the body and interior, as well as equipment offer were prepared. On 16th April, 1964, the day before of sales start, a commercial of the Mustang was played on all the main American TV channels. The success surpassed all expectations. - By the end of the year the number of Mustangs sold totaled 263,434.
Already in 1967 Ford decided to make the Mustang longer and heavier. From 1970 on, single headlamps returned and the position lights were moved towards fenders.

Vehicle History
This 1970 Ford Mustang Sportsroof to be auctioned at the National Stadium Auction was imported from the United States to Poland almost five years ago. Before touching the European soil it was subject to a complex renovation, in terms of bodywork, and the engine was also rebuilt. The quality of this work reflects itself in the condition the car is a few years after its renovation. For an american Muscle car it does look outstanding. While in Poland, this car was equipped with a very attractive aero package known from the Boss and Mach versions. The 302 engine is very sound and the interior does not bear any signs of use. This car is of great interest for individuals looking for a restored muscle car in an interesting completation.