1969 Ford Mustang

390 Fastback


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When it was presented at the public in April 1964, the Ford Mustang became a sensation. Known by Ford people as the project T5 during its development phase in the early sixties, the Mustang was Lee Iacocca's brainchild, conceived to be a car that could appeal to the young. In a way, it was the perfect car for those "baby boomers", who looked with sheer optimism to the future. After its presentation an hestimated 4 million people visited Ford showrooms, and the first stock of Mustangs available sold almost immediately and another batch of 22.000 cars was ordered immediately. Almost immediately, it was clear that the Mustang could have had a bright future and when given a proper fire-breathing V8, it became the favourite weapon of drag and road racers alike. Starting with its first V8, the 289 Hi-Po producing about 210 hp the Mustang evolved into a faster and more luxurious muscle car.
In particular, with the arrival of Bunkie Knudsen in 1968, the Mustang was increased in size and power true to the "hot-rod" image it had conveyed in the past. Passionate about motor racing, under Bunkie's rule Ford produced ture brutes like the Boss 302 and 492 while the standard production line saw the birth of true monsters like the 390 c.i. engine producing 320 horsepower. With the popular "Sports Roof" configuration, the Mustang looked meaner and hotter than ever.