1967 Ford Mustang


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    30 200 mi / 48 603 km
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"The original restoration of this Fastback took place across the pond in the USA; a standard Mustang GT was acquired before an extensive restoration took place. The owner was meticulous and had a very specific idea of what he wanted. It underwent a full nut and bolt rebuild before being painted in rare Ford Burnt Amber (Code B). It was also specified to have the correct factory ribbed back panel, an option only available in 1967 as well as, very unusually, a tilt option for the steering wheel. The engine was originally an A-Code unit but was then upgraded to K-Code specification. This refers to a durable, lightweight ‘Hi-Po’ 289c.i, V8 and featured special equipment to make an official rating of 271bhp. Uprated cylinder heads, camshaft, air intake, distributer and carburettors were also included. Until 1967, it was the top engine option available to a Mustang. It was then sold by muscle car specialists, MyRod.com in Texas who described the body work as 'laser straight' and went on to make a film about it; https://myrod.com/cars/1967-mustang-gta-fastback-12j/
Now this is where the story really gets interesting, using this already immaculate canvas, BRD 2518 has now been taken to the next level. Externally, aside from the impressively large bonnet scoop, the car looks the same as it did back in the USA. However, inside that gleaming engine bay, almost every single element has been upgraded. Most notably to the engine of course but also the transmission, suspension, brakes and even the fuel tank. The entirety of these extensive works have been documented, photographed and collated.
The heart of this leviathan is a 5.7 litre, 550bhp (dyno’d) with supercharger. The pace and power of this car are unlike anything you will find in any classic car, or modern car come to that. The fully custom built exhaust pipe has an active switch, disengaging the full system and passing the exhaust (almost) straight from the engine block. The ‘loud’ button, you could say. Suspension, brakes and drivetrain matches the power output, as you would expect. All additional parts were sourced from the USA with only the highest quality acceptable.(Please note – we have been informed by mechanics that the componantry used combined with the strength of this particular engine allows for additional tuning up to 700bhp).
An enormous amount of work has been performed on the car over the years costing in excess of £90,000 (all receipts included in file). As is evident from this total, literally no expense was spared over the course of this restoration. The majority of which, completed by HR Owen Lamborghini (lead mechanic had a passion for American muscle when not working on Lamborghinis and Bugatti’s) with additional work completed by Cotswold Classic Car Restorations and then by highly respected, Bill Sheppard’s Mustang. This is one of the most extreme Mustangs ever offered sale at a fraction of what it cost to buy, import or build.
If you want to make an entrance, look no further…