1929 Ford Model A


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1929 Ford Model A Saloon
Registration no. IU 1891 (Irish Registration)
Chassis no. A1434102

After a production run of nearly 19 years Ford's ground-breaking Model T was finally replaced by the new Model A which went on sale in December 1927. A more complex car than its predecessor, the Model A was also more powerful, its 3.3 litre four-cylinder side valve engine producing 40bhp - double the output of the T - which was good enough for a top speed of 65mph. A conventional three-speed sliding gear transmission replaced the T's planetary gears, there was coil-and-battery instead of magneto ignition and at last there was a brake for each wheel. The T's utilitarian and outdated styling was abandoned, and the eagerly awaited Model A's up-to-the-minute looks, choice of colours and, needless to say, competitive pricing, helped ensure its success. The Model A's most successful year was 1929: by February one million cars had been sold, and by July two million. After two years in production the Model A received a face-lift for 1930, receiving wider tyres on smaller-diameter (19") wheels and being mildly re-styled with wider mudguards to achieve a lower, more modern look. The Model A continued in production until March 1932, by which date 4,858,644 examples in all body styles had been made. Production of the Model A was truly international, with examples being assembled not only in Ford's US factories but also in Canada, Argentina, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan and the UK. For those European markets where cars were taxed by engine size, Ford's UK factory produced a smaller engine displacing only 2,043cc in addition to the larger 'standard' 3.3 litre.

Part of an extensive private collection this Right Hand Drive Model A is believed to be fitted with the larger engine. The four door saloon body is finished in green which is enhanced with gold striping, and upholstery is in brown corduroy. The condition of the paintwork is now described as excellent; engine, chassis and bodywork very good; and interior, transmission and electrical equipment all good. The car currently carries the Irish registration plate IU 1891. With no modifications from factory specification noted, this Model A would undoubtedly make a most attractive addition to any collection of pre-war Fords or American cars.