1929 Ford Model A

Coupe, Hot Rod


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Featured in Street Rodder Magazine
Built by Noted Fabricator - Jeff Eischen
Aluminum Donovan Model A Engine, Built By Shaver
16” and 18” Late Style Indy Magnesium Wheels


Engine – Aluminum Donovan, 4 cyl
Gearbox – 5 Speed Manual
Drivetrain - Front Engine, RWD


When Henry Ford introduced the Model A in late 1927, surely not even he could have predicted the success of it. By the end of the production run in 1932, nearly five million Model A examples had been produced. The Model A has been ubiquitous in the hot rod community ever since.

With the large number of Model A based hot rods and street rods, it has been more challenging to create a car that is a knock out. To differentiate from the crowd and add enough unique features and subtle changes to really create award winning examples can be challenging. We are proud to share this one with you, and think it hits on all points.

This 1929 Ford comes from the estate of the late Bruce Leven. Arguably best known in the car community for his Porsche racing history, both as a driver and as a team owner. Most notably was his successful Bayside Disposal Racing Team that competed with Porsche 935s and 962s from the late 1970s through 1990. The love Bruce had for cars never wavered, and he enjoyed creating some of the most amazing hot rods in his later years to add to his wide-ranging collection.

Jeff Eischen is another well-known name in the hot rod community. He has built some very influential cars at the top level of the industry, all from his home garage, and while being “retired.”. Bruce and Jeff knew each other from endurance racing back in the 1980s, and Bruce called him up one day to talk about a potential project. As the details came together, something very unique began to take shape.

Ultimately the car is Eischen’s design and continued vision in his series of hot rods, but there is heavy influence from Leven and his racing background. From the one-off magnesium wheels, to the double bubble roof and race style fuel filler, the racing ethos is woven subtly into the car.

The engine is singularly unique – it is an all-aluminum 12 valve Donovan engine built at Shaver Specialties in California. Featuring a Crawford four port head, FAST fuel injection system, 200 inches of displacement, and custom Eischen fabricated headers, exhaust and muffler. It absolutely sounds the part when fired up, and while the 119hp may not set the power wars record, it will be the most distinctive, and moves the Ford very quickly down the road.

The interior features hand-built bomber style aluminum seats, painted black and wrapped with leather. The partially exposed Tremec transmission in the interior is an Eischen signature detail. The custom gauges were designed by Leven and produced by Classic Instruments. The gauges sit over a row of aircraft style fuses, and next to the custom-built aluminum tilt steering column. The details continue with drilled pedals, and pop-out windows amongst numerous other delightful aspects.

The car has an overall look that is sinister and tough on the exterior. Starting with a custom built ’32 frame featuring 4.5” high rails, the body sits flat with a kick-up at the rear. The custom work on the body is extensive as well – 3” chop to the top (while only removing 1” from the rear window), and the double bubble roof round out the topside. The door handles, fuel filler, hood and trunk straps, and punched sunvisor continue the race car theme going strong.

Vintage Engineering produced the knock off late-style Indy magnesium wheels in 16x6 and 18x6 to keep the proportions and stance dialed in. Wrapped in Excelsior tires, they are one of the signature elements of the overall look of the car. The vintage Koni shocks and 12” aluminum brake drums at the four corners of the car add more visual delight. The suspension features even more Eischen one-off parts throughout, and helps the car achieve the look and handling that Leven desired.

The satanic details on the car are what leave you staring at it for longer than you planned when you come across it. The creative genius behind it, and the mixture of Leven and Eischen individual visions in the car is wonderful, creating one of the most unique hot rods we have had the pleasure to see in person.

The 1929 Ford Coupe is offered on a clean and clear WA title, and comes with show display signage and stands, and copies of the magazine coverage.

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