1914 Ford Model A


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1914 Ford Model T Tourer
Registration no. BF 6180
Chassis no. 399608

After spending his formative years as a motor manufacturer experimenting with a variety of models, Henry Ford pared the company's range down to just one - the Model T - destined to be the world's first mass-produced automobile. One of the most important developments in motoring history, the Model T arrived in October 1908, ushering in Ford's new one-model policy that would see more than 15 million sold worldwide by the time production ceased in 1927.

The Model T boasted a simple 100"-wheelbase chassis that contrived to be both lightweight and durable thanks to the pioneering use of vanadium steel, while its track width of 56" was the same as that of a horse-drawn wagon, thereby enabling the Model T safely to negotiate rutted dirt roads. The engine was a 20hp four-cylinder sidevalve displacing 2,896cc, and the transmission a simple-to-use two-speed planetary unit. Rugged, reliable, and easy to drive thanks to its simple, pedal-operated transmission, the Model T introduced more people to motoring than any other car.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Model T was an advanced design for its day. For example: the four-cylinder block was a single casting with detachable 'head at a time when the majority of manufacturers cast their fixed-head cylinders in pairs. The so-called 'three-point' method of engine installation was equally novel, being a triangulated system, also applied to the axles, that isolated these components from twisting forces applied to the chassis by the inferior roads of the day. Three body styles were offered for 1914: touring, runabout, and town car, while the chassis was also available separately.

This 1914 example is finished in black - this having been adopted as the standard colour for the Model T in 1913 - with matching vinyl upholstery. Restored at date unknown, the car was purchased at Hershey in 2011. Nothing is known of its prior ownership. Little used since acquisition, the car is described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, starting easily and running well. The provision of disc brakes is the only notified deviation from factory specification. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.