1963 Ford Lotus Cortina

Early Mk1 pre-air-flow, A-frame example


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Built the year that Jim Clark took the revolutionary works Lotus-Climax 25 to the Formula 1 World Championship, this beautiful 1963 'pre-air-flow' Lotus Cortina has been restored with usability in mind, and to an exceptionally high standard. The restoration was carried out under the guidance of previous owner John Edgar Phillips, who was a Team Lotus mechanic from the Colin Chapman era. The focus was maintaining the originality of the desirable early specification (pre-air-flow, A-frame rear suspension) while including thorough safety features and the best componentry throughout. The car has recently been inspected by the Lotus Cortina Register, who comment that this genuine early example retains its original shell and engine block, and is restored to an extremely high standard.

The Lotus Cortina is one of the true icons to come from the Ford/Lotus collaboration, and was built in an era where the two were dominating the Formula 1 world with greats such as Jim Clark and Graham Hill. Indeed the Lotus Cortina would go onto dominate saloon car racing all over Europe before long, and thus go into the history books as one of the greatest tin-tops of all time. A perfect candidate for fast road driving, the amazing Tour Auto or Modena Cento Ore, or with some tweaks, an FIA historic race car, this Lotus Cortina is one of the most useable and eligible cars money can buy.