2006 Ford GT


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2006 Ford GT Coupe

Estimate: $265,000 - $350,000

Vehicle Identification Number: 1FAFP90SX6Y401101
Decoded: 1=USA; F=Ford Motor Co.; A=Ford Passenger Cars; F=Restraint system; P90=GT coupe; S=5.4 Liter V8; X-Check digit; 6=2006; Y=Wixom, MI. assembly; 401101=Chassis number.

Engine: 5.4 Liter DOHC V8
Supercharged/550 bhp
6-Speed Manual Transmission
Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Odometer: 14,670 Miles

*One Owner
*Garage Kept
*Under 15,000 Miles
*3 Of 4 Options
*Upgraded Transmission Cooler

The Model –In the 1960’s, Henry Ford II set about getting revenge on Enzo Ferrari’s due to his refusal to sell his “Prancing Horse” company to the “Blue Oval” group. HFII did it by initiating an all-out effort to beat Ferrari wherever else he could. The result was the stunning 1966 victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the fabulous GT40. Trying to recapture those days, in 2002, Ford produced a GT40 concept car that won rave reviews from the public as well as the media. Looking to go head-to-head with the contemporary Ferrari 360 Modena, this new Ford super coupe was right on track. While the “GT40” name couldn’t be used due to ownership issues, Ford felt that the letters “GT” said it all. With a specially developed 5.4 liter, supercharged V8, speed was paramount, 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 200 miles per hour. Even a couple of German entries paid notice to Ford, such as Porsche’s Carrera GT and the McLaren SLR from Mercedes-Benz.

The Car – Cars don’t become legends by touting test track figures, only to have owners of the production models wrap them up and put them away with no miles on them, never having had the chance or opportunity to experience the potential thrill of motoring. Our consignor bought this Ford GT brand new, and has enjoyed taking it down the open road, clocking just under 14,700 miles, and discovering how well-crafted this Ford really is. Look closely, you may find a small chip here or there that only goes to prove that this GT has been road-proven. Garage kept when not on the road, it has been well maintained so that at the push of the starter it will roar to life and give you the thrill of American performance at its best. Finding a road-proven Ford GT is as rare as finding a 16-sided building, such as the Nott Memorial Hall at Union College where we photographed this exciting car. As hundreds of other Ford GT’s sit in their cocoons, silently weeping because they will never get to know their full potential, this is a car you can enjoy without guilt, and smile the entire time you’re cruising the highways.