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1966 Ford F-350 Car Transporter
Registration no. TRX 485D
Chassis no. F35BR833073

Nowadays an integral part of American popular culture, the pickup truck came to be thought of as the 20th Century equivalent of the cowboy's horse. Once viewed as strictly utilitarian commercial vehicles, they were seized on as ideal candidates for customising and hot-rodding in the post-war era. Today, like so many fashions that start in the USA, they enjoy a cult following worldwide.

First introduced in 1948, Ford's F-Series has been America's best-selling light/medium truck for the last 40-plus years, generating billions of dollars annual income for its maker. Models available include full-size pickup trucks, chassis cab trucks, and all manner of commercial vehicles. A relatively rare application, the transporter offered here is an example of the fourth generation F-Series, introduced in 1960 for the 1961 model year. Unitary construction of the cab and body made its first appearance on the F-Series at this time, though the combined cab/body was still mounted on a traditional separate chassis.

Ford's customers, however, remained unconvinced of this new arrangement's virtues and the 'unibody' trucks were dropped during the 1963 model year. In October 1964, an all-new chassis frame was introduced on the 1965 F-Series, which would remain in use until 1979. The body, though, remained largely unchanged apart from the turn signals being moved above the headlights on 1965 and 1966 models. Along with the new chassis came Twin I-Beam coil-sprung independent front suspension, replacing the rudimentary and outdated live axle. Three new engines were available: straight sixes of 3.9 and 4.9 litres, and a 5.8-litre V8.

This vehicle was built in 2012 by Derek Drinkwater as an homage to the Hot Wheels transporter. We are advised that it sleeps two; has cooking facilities and running water; and will carry any car and tow any trailer with a car onboard. The vehicle can be driven on a car licence and is road tax and MoT exempt. It specification includes a 5.8-litre fuel-injected V8 engine; four-speed automatic/overdrive transmission; power disc brakes; and load-compensating adjustable air suspension at the rear. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.

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