1966 Ford F 150


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Designer: Joe Oros

Estimate: $35,000 -­ $45,000

Chassis Number: F10YR846876
Decoded: F10=F100 Series; Y=352 cid V8; R=San Jose; CA assembly plant; 846876=Unit
Engine: 5.8 Liter OHV V8
Electronic Fuel Injection / 240 bhp
4-­Speed Manual Transmission
Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes
Mileage: 41,112

● Full Custom Build
● F150 Lightning SVT Power
● Show Car Quality Fit and Finish

The Model: In the mid­1960’s, Ford lead the way in pickup truck sales due in large part to the comfort and handling they promoted with the introduction of the “Twin ­ I­ Beam” front suspension. Styling was simple yet effective with plenty of creature comfort such as large doors to allow easy access to the passenger cab, and a full-­width hood that made it considerably easier to performance engine repairs and maintenance. While the majority of these light-­duty pickups were utilized in a myriad of jobs, a few examples did escape the day­to­day chores they were designed for. In the last 10­15 years, the interest in modifying vintage pickups has grown and solid, complete Fords such as this F100 have become considerably harder to find. Today, builders spend as much time bringing trucks like this one up to show­car standards as they do with regular passengers car, turn working trucks into rolling art.

The Truck: One look at this pickup and you know it is something special. Under the hood resides a special high­-performance 5.8 Liter “Windsor” V8 out of an SVT F150 Lightning, officially rated at 240 horses. That figure might be a bit conservative as the technology behind these motors was cutting edge for the day. This sharp F100 features a full professional build with the large sheet metal panels appearing as smooth as silk, and the interior of the car is appointed with Gray fabrics on a custom bench seat,concealed sound system a d a full gauge package to monitor just how the engine is doing, and the engine bay is show­ car-ready. A full lockable tonneau cover is fitted over the pick­up bed and the truck sets on a custom set of Kruz chrome wheels. Being behind the wheel of this F100 will make you look like a million bucks.