1989 Ford Escort


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    Mocha Grey 90 Spec Velour Recaro
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Guide price: £20000 - £25000.
- Coming from a true Ford enthusiast
- A lovely example in very genuine condition with original paintwork and just 37,342 miles
- The 'Series 2' Escort RS Turbo (1986-1990) was a much more civilised driving prospect
- 1600cc, fuel-injected CVH engine now fitted with the water-cooled Garret T3 turbo and revised engine management
- Improved gearbox, larger clutch and a limited-slip differential 

Based on the success of the previous model (subsequently known as the Series 1), the later Series 2 Escort RS Turbo (produced between 1986-1990) was more suited to the road, whereas the earlier car was a bit of a 'homologation special'.  Many new features were adopted for the Series 2 including utilising the 1600cc fuel-injected CVH engine taken from the Series 1 Turbo but now fitted with the Garret T3 turbo (water-cooled, unlike the S1), revised engine management settings, lower overall gearing, an improved gearbox and limited slip differential, a larger clutch and improved KE Jetronic unit and inter-cooler.  Suspension and chassis changes included stiffer front and rear springs, uprated anti-roll bars, mechanical ABS and larger brakes.  The Series 2 car produced an impressive 132bhp at 5750 rpm, with maximum torque of 133 lb/ft produced at 2750 rpm, giving it ample performance with a top speed of 125 mph and a 0-60mph time of 8.3 seconds.The car presented here is a 1989 Ford Escort RS Turbo (Series 2).  It was purchased new through the Ford dealership ‘Quicks’ of Old Trafford, by a Mr Lee Robert Hannah on the 30th March 1989.  The car was used by Lee and his father, and in its early years, the V5C records a change of ownership between father to son, on two occasions.  Both Ford enthusiasts looked after the car very well and maintained it via ‘Quicks’, who ensured it was Waxoyl’d from new.  The history file shows the car’s first MoT was carried out at 10,378 miles in July 1992, and it was regularly used until 2005, including family holidays to France (as shown by the old Polaroid pictures in the history file).  At this point, the mileage had reached 37,303, and it is around this time that the car was SORN’d and placed into storage.  Then, in 2017, this car (along with its sister car, a Fiesta RS Turbo, Lot: 308 in this auction) were taken to the local Ford dealership to be recommissioned and fully serviced (including timing belts etc.).  Since then the car has covered just 18 miles more.  Both cars were cherished by the family, which is why Lee’s father kept them both for so long after his son’s untimely passing.  This particular Escort RS Turbo is somewhat unusual, in that it has the ’88-spec bumpers and rear spoiler, but the ’90-spec Interior; a few of these cars are known to exist, referred to as a ‘changeover car’, built during the period whilst Ford was revising the specification of the Escort RS Turbo.This is an immaculate example of the now revered Escort RS Turbo S2 with a fully documented history.  It has been cherished all its life and is surely one for the enthusiast-collector.