1985 Ford Escort


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  • Performance 
    106 PS / 78 kW / 105 BHP


  • Third-generation 1.6i Cabriolet with just two previous keepers
  • Always kept in heated storage and maintained diligently
  • A level of originality to satisfy even the most pedantic of Ford collectors
  • Factory wax and markings still evident.
  • Spare wheel and jack completely untouched
  • MOT history supports ultra-low mileage and the condition is wholly commensurate
  • Accompanied by full book-pack, rare Cabriolet booklet and two keys

The Mk3 Ford Escort was unveiled to the public in September 1980 (internally codenamed ‘Erika’) and was entirely new from the ground up in terms of styling, engineering and mechanicals, the only thing carried over from the previous generations of Escort was the name. This meant that the car deviated from the traditional rear-wheel drive and followed the industry trend of producing wind tunnel-designed, front-wheel drive hatchbacks (all Escorts prior had been saloons) ready to embrace Europe. So well received was the car that it won the much-coveted European Car of the Year in 1981.

A convertible version, made by coachbuilder Karmann, appeared in 1983 and was the first drop-top car produced by Ford Europe since the Corsair of the 1960s. Powered by the unmistakable rasp of the 1.6-litre injected CVH engine, it wore ‘Cloverleaf’ alloy wheels and a sharp pin-strip coachline, just what the market wanted.

The car presented here is a totally unrestored 1985 Escort 1.6i Cabriolet, amazingly still sat on its original Dunlop tyres and with evidence of original factory wax on the underside. It wears its original front and rear supplying-dealer number plates and rear window sticker, the factory quality-control stickers are still in situ in the boot and paint marks from the factory are still visible on all the torqued bolts. The spare wheel and jack have never been used but, most memorably, that, hard to describe, new car smell is there the minute you open the door.

The all-original CVH engine is barely run in and is commensurate with the rest of the car and its indicated mileage of just over 3,000. The car is accompanied by its logbook, Ford dealer network book, Escort manual and ultra-rare Escort Cabriolet booklet, plus 2 sets of keys (with one set still having a key tag number attached). Unfortunately the service history was lost in a house move.

If originality is king for collectors of classic cars, this Ford Escort Cabriolet is certainly royalty; what a great way into owning a classic Ford and would be made very welcome at any owner's club event.