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    135 369 km / 84 115 mi
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Transmission: 4 gears, Manual gearbox
Model year: 2022
Registration number: FO-00-31

We have a top-quality restored 1974 Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico with less than 135,000 km on the clock. The fact of being low mileage or even having had a top-quality restoration does not elevate this car to being a wonder. The really remarkable fact is this car was supplied new in Helsinki, Finland and did not end up as a rally car.

The Mexico was a special edition of the Ford Escort Mk1, celebrating Ford’s successes in the London to Mexico rally. In 1970 Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm were the victorious champions of this extremely heavy rally. Ford’s marketing department saw a golden opportunity to turn this rallying triumph into folding money in the showroom. A special edition Ford Escort was commissioned to celebrate this success. Ford’s racing department was involved in the development of the Mexico and looking at the number of options available at the time it is no small wonder the Mexico became such an enormous sales winner. The Mexico was fitted with a 4-cylinder 1600cc with a single overhead camshaft good for 86 PS. In todays money that might not seem impressive, however with it short ratio manual gearbox and a curb weight of just 850 kg, the Mexico was able to achieve a very representable performance. The Mexico is still able to hit very acceptable heights, just imagine how that would have felt in the 70’s! Now let us just reflect on the number of available options then. Today it would be completely unthinkable a family car manufacturer would allow the buyer the option of dressing up the car in order to immediately be able to take to the rally tracks, and yet that is precisely what Ford did to the Mexico. It will come as no surprise that many bought the Mexico as a rally car. You only had to make a few finishing touches to enter into the fray. More than 10,000 Mexico's were sold. You might think that does not make it into a rare classic beast. Nothing is further from the truth. Rally versions of the Mexico often did not survive the first year or at best a few years. Many Ford Mexico's died in harness. They were literally driven to their deaths.

If we were to complement this specific example, then the biggest compliment would be that this level of restoration does not belong to this type of car. This Ford Escort has been so beautifully restored in such a fashion only seen with cars costing a multitude of this Ford. This car was literally taken apart, right down to the very last screw before being most sympathetically reassembled.

It does not matter whether we check the bodywork, the engine bay or inside. From the newly fashioned exhaust to the gorgeous gages and from the original wing mirror to the correct Cibie spotlights, everything is in perfect order.

The bodywork is as expected absolutely pristine. It has nice and thin, correctly aligned panelwork. The car had a total respray in its original “Monza Blue” finish. The paintwork brilliantly jumps out at you the moment you set eyes on her and what’s more, thanks to the use of a high-quality two-component paint it will keep on doing just so! Underneath the respray is at least as good as on top. Every component was resprayed and has remained in peak condition. The car has been fitted all-round with the right type of new Bilstein shock breakers and the RS rims have been completely recommissioned and naturally shod in the correctly sized rubber.

This car was also mechanically fully overhauled and remains in excellent shape. The engine bay is a joy to behold, wholly befitting the whole picture. The engine and gearbox were completely taken apart and rebuilt. Every mechanical part was then resprayed, the add-on components sandblasted and where necessary made to fit again before being put back together. It will therefore come as no surprise this engine runs as sweet as a nut and even seems more powerful than the factory issued 86 Ps, although the lowered curb weight of 767 kg may have played its part too.

To finish the interior trim deserves a separate paragraph. The interior trim has been fully refurbished in keeping with the car’s authenticity, although better sitting RS 2000 seats have been used instead of the original ones. The carpets fit neatly and are of the correct shade. New soundproofing was installed prior to the reupholstery.

The complete restoration process, as you have every right to expect, was extensively documented with a large photo series.

This is one of the few surviving and without a shred of doubt one of the very finest Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico's left in the world. It is ready to be enjoyed for many more miles or to be included in any genuine (Ford) collectors set.

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