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    500 mi / 805 km
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    United States
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    485 BHP / 492 PS / 362 kW
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This ROKSTOCK designed RSR GT Capri was featured in the November 2021 issue of the Classic Ford Magazine UK. The extensive article describes its full details, its history and its important PROVENANCE connected to the ROKSTOCK brand. The very first Capri specialty company in the USA and also considered the very best for its high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories for the European Ford Capri I and Capri II. The Ford Capri was imported into North America from 1970-1977 and sold through Lincoln Mercury dealerships. ROKSTOCK also designed, developed and produced a special high-performance Capri II (in Europe the Mk2) known as the ROKSTOCK RSR turbo. That iconic design incorporated a 180/200 BHP turbocharged 2.8 V/6 engine and earned two front cover credits and helped achieve 21 leading automotive magazine articles on ROKSTOCK and its RSR turbo Capri II's performance achievements throughout the 70's.

The first #001 Black/Gold 1976 RSR turbo Capri put ROKSTOCK on the map as a serious specialty car builder. But the lack of catalytic converters and much of the smog and emission equipment had to be scraped in order to produce the RSR turbo's BHP from its 2.8 V/6. That necessity-decision eliminated the chance for any Ford Lincoln Mercury factory involvement. Even when all the ROKSTOCK modifications to the 2.8 V/6 engine gave the car a cleaner bill of health from EPA/DEQ tests they would not get a pass. That limitation for the RSR turbo put serious reservations on most Capri owners' interests for the complete RSR turbo conversion. But the high-performance ROKSTOCK RSR turbo made good reading in the auto mags for the North American Capri owners and was a great role model for the Capri's USA popularity. As a result it helped to sell thousands of Capri owners on the ROKSTOCK RSR's suspension and cosmetic components. But for the few (less than 50 in-house built and mail order sent RSR turbo pkgs.) daring souls who opted for the full RSR turbo conversion on their Capri II, that issue seemed unimportant. As the ROKSTOCK RSR turbo Capri II was the 0-60 super-star in the day and reaching 0.81g's on skid pad tests for its handling ability was a major factor for its impact. The RSR turbo Capri II could run with the Porsche 911SC and Ferrari's 308GTB and hold its own, often times beating them at their own game. Road Test magazine in 1977 placed the RSR turbo Capri #3 in performance and #5 overall out of 79 cars they had tested. Today's efforts and plans are leaning towards a second generation, extensively built ROKSTOCK RSR turbo Capri. And when created will no doubt be a 6-figure proposition of costs investment to build/produce and more importantly 6 figures to own one. If you're interested ROK is seeking interested parties for the new automotive venture.

This ROKSTOCK RSR GT Capri comes with proper paperwork and exclusive badging that states it is number 001/001. ROKSTOCK will never produce another Capri like this model no matter what the interests are for creating another one exactly like this. As ROKSTOCK was well known in the USA for its road and track worthy V/6 turbocharged Capri cars, this special Capri shares the same exacting criteria. This one of a kind RSR GT Capri (in ROKSTOCK speak, the RSR designation stands for ROKSTOCK Racer) offered here was a design exercise that was to incorporate both a drag-racer theme-tribute to Carroll Shelby's eight Dragon Snake Cobras, but also some technically optimized secrets of the original ROKSTOCK RSR turbo Capri II.

The ROKSTOCK RSR GT is offered as a fresh build for everything NEW. Its high powered 351c Cleveland engine was pro built by AC Nutter, a well-known North American race car engine builder. The final result for the engine was dyno tested to prove its worthiness, power and performance credibility. The car does have several miles on shake-down to test and calculate its strengths and abilities for its safety. ROKSTOCK has a well-known reputation for its attention to detail and advanced engineering (for their well-built well-equipped) RSR turbo Capri's. This special one-of-a-kind ROKSTOCK RSR GT Capri II with its BOSS 351c Cleveland engine can be taken to the track as well as driven on the street. But for sure as an in-house-built ROKSTOCK Capri variant will no doubt be a welcomed entry at any Ford Capri function, and more than likely steal the show as this RSR GT Capri makes a serious overwhelming statement.

This ROKSTOCK Capri was designed to earn the proverbial WOW factor title and that it does extremely well. From its classic two-tone GT350 Wimbledon White and bright silver livery of its race car look to the beastly sound of its snotty high lift cam (at idle) gives added credence to the cars near 500 horsepower and a hood scoop that allows onlookers to get a glimpse of its power source. Its overall statement is startling and one that seems to question one's opinion, could this even be a Capri? As its radical look and stance forces you to give it full attention and then forces you to peer into its all-business cabin and then also to take a peek underneath its construction that one begins to be taken in by the cars overall mission... it's a Bad Ass Capri. And then everything begins to add up for that overall mouthwatering thought-possibility and you're thinking, I WANT this thing.

And as a real car guy/gal your mind contemplates the thought, I just wana burn those tires right off the face of the earth with this thing as it's just that kind of a car. And you begin to realize this ROKSTOCK RSR GT Capri with its big block V/8 motor, a few nicks, minor cracks, chipped paint here and there was once a serious road warrior at one time. No $20K paint job here, no priss, no fluff, this thing is a serious contender as a street brawler and possibly a serious player as a drag racer. But for sure a unique and very menacing Capri and one that appears ultra-functional for many different venues including a jaw-dropping show car. And as a one of a kind ROKSTOCK Capri just makes it all the better. This Capri has an unprecedented future and historic value, that is... if you understand its real provenance. It was designed, created and built from a trademark brand that was substantially a very important factor for helping in the success and popularity in the United States and Canada for the Ford L/M Capri I and Capri II's automotive history. As no aftermarket company did more for the N/A Capri owners than ROKSTOCK did in the 1970's. ROKSTOCK Capri designs and its products were and still are replicated, copied and no doubt helped others enter the automotive aftermarket industry. As the automotive press raved and rallied around the tiny aftermarket ROKSTOCK Capri company and its RSR turbo Capri's for one basic reason, they tested them, evaluated them, and they understood all of the efforts that went into their high-quality high-performance value. The quality of the ROKSTOCK Capri components that made up their RSR turbo builds and also those components that went onto the ROKSTOCK Capri customer. They tried to help RS gain the interests from Ford L/M with many extensive road and track tested articles that told the real story: ROKSTOCK had created a modern day GT350-like Capri II that had real promise and unparalleled value and should have and could have been considered as a mainstream variant from the Ford L/M dealer. The ROKSTOCK RSR turbo could have and should have been given far more consideration from Ford L/M.

The Ford Capri is sadly slipping away in many areas of the world and ones that are left need serious restoration. A new ROKSTOCK RSR turbo will be limited to a very low build run (think Singer and Gunther Porsche cars) but also like those two examples, a new second generation RSR turbo has to be an extreme build, design and engineering feat, above all, be created to perform like a modern-day super-car. Built on the body/chassis of the Ford Capri II and will be unlike any Capri ever created. Its basic concept as a ROKSTOCK RSR turbo is still a valid starting point, but it must enter the future as a super Capri with looks and performance to compete comparatively with the modern-day supercars, like the Singers. The RSR turbo Capri that I have in mind will enter that hallowed arena and do what the first-gen RSR turbo Capri did many years ago, only better. The ROK plan to start incorporates only 12 cars. Now, back to the RSR GT.

This Ford Capri II started its life in 1976 Orange in color with a 2.3 engine. But was once constructed as a hot rod with a Ford small block 302 V/8 with a few poorly made copies of ROKSTOCK Capri suspension components and also with the Ford X-Pac wide-body fenders that were actually sold by ROKSTOCK in 1978 to its original owner. Its previous two owners (partners) terrorized the SE valley streets of Portland Oregon, chewing up Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes and the like with their 302 V/8 Capri II for years, that is until it blew up. It then sat for 12/13 years in a shed/barn shortly after they parted ways, but one of them managed to replace the 302 V/8 with a stock 351c Cleveland out of a wrecked 72 Mustang but could not make it work properly. And it sat. ROKSTOCK purchased this Capri 7 years ago not running and in sad condition and began its extensive build. But, as a seasoned road warrior and also some actual road racing hours registered on its flanks, ROK decided to create this RS Capri with a fast and furious look, keeping its well-earned patina but adding the saucy flavor of a real race car and a street racer. That stop-light to stop-light street racer, a Capri II as an over-the-top street-rod. But also very important, a build that gives it the ability to go to the drag strip if that is what its new owner wants to do. I wanted to build this Capri just as RS once did as an RSR Capri... built for another owner. Built to sell as a new restored/designed Capri, NOT a hobby-build, but a back in business build for the RS brand. The brand that built serious Capri's for a living, but also keeping it close to its past owners intended plan... as a race car. The final result as you can see here makes it clear that it harbors on all of those possibilities. Its most calculating and important feature is its highly tuned well-built Ford (now) BOSS 351c Cleveland engine that has a power band that is amazing. AC Nutter (now retired) built and produced Chevy and Ford racing engines for many top name driver(s) throughout the years and put this 351c Ford engine together like it was his own baby. As he was quite impressed with the ROKSTOCK background for its accomplishments with and for the Ford Capri. The motor in this Capri also has the provenance of an AC Nutter racing engine and truly the critical heart and soul of this RSR GT's potential, 15 pulls on his engine-dyno proved its worthiness. And for sure this RSR GT Capri's bloodline incorporates some of the ROKSTOCK RSR turbo Capri's DNA.

This ROKSTOCK RSR GT Capri with its BOSS 351c engine and robust muscular body amplifies real bravado but is quite different from the 70's RSR turbos. Its loud, its fast, it borders on obnoxious. On the chassis-dyno it reached 134MPH with ease at 7000 RPM but wanted to go faster. But after 3 runs on the chassis-dyno we knew it was solid, strong and had a promising future for someone who would recognize its real provenance as a ROKSTOCK Capri. A Capri that will always appreciate in value as the years go by and also for helping the USA Capri's historic ROKSTOCK builder/tuner of the 1970's earn its just do. Go to You-tube and put in ROKSTOCK Capri to witness one of the 3 runs on the chassis dyno and the objective of calibrating/tuning its engine for maximum output. It comes with a clean title, all build receipts and full documentation stating clearly there will never be another ROKSTOCK RSR GT Capri produced like this one, giving it a built-in advantage for its future value. And hopefully it will never be altered but remain as it was created. This Capri was also dubbed the ROKSTOCK Drag n' Rat... rat rod, as in a rat Ford. As it's not a pretty Capri that can win trophies at the Show n' Shine. As it was created to be a nasty machine with difficult manners but also with rewarding benefits for its new owner. I created this Capri II for the sole purpose of helping relaunch the ROKSTOCK Capri brand back into the mainstream of the automotive world with a special designed ROKSTOCK Capri that has an amazing personality.

Entering its cabin and settling yourself into its tight-fitting Cobra racing seat and depress its black start button, you quickly realize that it's a typical Ford cold-blooded beast and takes real practice to master the maneuver and it fires up its big-block Ford 351c Cleveland V/8. And then its beautiful acoustic sound instantly rips and tears through the air as you work the foot feed, and it translates its power potential back through its special Jeff Hamm designed exhaust system. And in a split second it receives a different kind of attention respect-level from you as well as its onlookers. And instantly the overall response and interests in this Capri becomes one of serious admiration. This one of a kind ROKSTOCK Capri was created to help keep the ROKSTOCK brand alive and possibly into its potential future. BUT also for the remaining Capri car owners that are left on the planet with some new RS interests. That is, Capri owners that will want some of the original ROKSTOCK Capri parts and accessories when those are recreated. The future of the ROKSTOCK Capri brand weighs heavily on the success of this particular Capri not only from its interests, but also its sale. We do have plans to re-produce some of the original ROKSTOCK Capri components, money, time and interests is the bottom-line in the equation. as that plan is still a comprehensive active effort.

The Bottom Line: This RSR GT Capri reflects the real-world provenance of a USA Capri specialty company's success, its rise and its fall. As this special-built Capri adds to the history of the designer brand ROKSTOCK. For the impact that it made on the North American Capri owners with its aftermarket parts and accessories and the amazing automotive history that it also earned for the Ford L/M USA Capri. ROKSTOCK earned the attention and sales from 30K+ Capri owners (6% of the 500K+) USA/Canadian Ford Capri cars brought into North America, from its technical and informative high-quality ROKSTOCK Capri catalogue. For its well-received and much-needed parts and accessories for the Capri in the 70's. But as a huge disappointment to ROKSTOCK Ford's Sexy European Capri was discontinued from import from Lincoln Mercury Dealer showrooms in 1977 and soon after the USA fell prey to a devastating and horrific negative economic storm. That untimely-negative-economic decline plus the loss of the Capri in the USA took the specialty Capri company down in 1981. But now on the rise and looking forward to the continuation of the ROKSTOCK brand with this overpowered RSR GT Capri offered here is a mere start, but also one that is opening doors once again for ROKSTOCK... that entity of collective efforts that gave the N/A Capri owners excellent parts and accessories and a turbocharged Capri that made a real impression. The advent of the ROKSTOCK Capri in its day, no doubt set the bar and made a serious impact on USA and Canadian Ford L/M Capri owners. Its legacy of accomplishments for the Ford Capri automobile and for Capri owners worldwide has to be of major consideration for the monetary value of this iconic European-American inspired Ford Capri from the ROKSTOCK brand. A Capri that invites the question is it a hot rod, a drag racer, a track/street car or simply a ROKSTOCK SHOW CAR?

ROKSTOCK/AC NUTTER built FORD BOSS 351c Cleveland, hydraulic roller Comp cam/rockers, big valves, KB pistons, special H-beam rods, special modified block-crank-bearings and rings. Speedmaster Aluminum Australian heads/intake, Holley carburation. The RS/AC NUTTER motor produces 485/500BHP, Mallory distributor, dual electric fans, Mishimoto radiator, electronic fuel pump, 12-gallon fuel-cell.
Modified Ford C6 3 speed, Hughes stall converter, B&M shifter.
ROKSTOCK 1 1/8"- 3/4'' front/rear Anti-Sway bars, solid bushings, RS traction bars, RS mono-leaf and coil springs, Koni Gas struts/shocks, 3-pot Wilwood and 3-pot HI-Spec brakes/big rotors, special AVO Capri master cylinder, Comp-Brake pieces, special modified rack and pinion unit, RS modified and strengthened chassis/frame and cross member.
Ford 9 inch with 32'' spline axles; Yukon Nodular Traction-Lok with 3.70 gear ratio.
American Racing Torque-Thrust wheels 15 x 8.5, Mickey Thompson Street SS tires 235x60x15.
COBRA Monaco-Pro seating, Simpson lap belts, padded roll bar, Racemark leather steering wheel, Auto Meter oil-filled gauges.

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