1960 Ford Anglia


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    850 mi / 1 368 km
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"When the Anglia 105E was introduced in September 1959, Ford switched to an overhead valve engine for its smallest family saloon. The 997cc four cylinder unit proved to be a very reliable unit and lent itself to being tuned, hence the success in Formula 3 and Formula Junior. The suspension retained the McPherson strut at the front and live rear axle however the gearbox was uprated to a four-speed unit helping the Anglia to a top speed of 73mph. Styling of the 105E was interesting with an ‘open mouth’ grill and reverse sloping rear window. The Anglia was an outstanding success for Ford, selling more than a million units until production ended in 1967.
This unique Anglia has been restored and built as a replica of the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally ‘Allardette’ 105E Anglia. This was driven in ‘62 and ’63 Monte Carlo rallies, the RAC Rally and a number of other rallies driven by Sydney Allard and his son Alan Allard. Many hours of detailed restoration work have gone into creating this special vehicle, the specification is certainly impressive. The engine is a 997cc Shorrock C75B supercharged 105E unit. Transmission is via a four speed standard Anglia unit with an uprated clutch, suspension has been lowered with additional anti-roll bars. The brakes have been uprated to discs at the front and retain the drum brakes to the rear. The seats are ‘bucket type’ with full harness seat belts. Additional dials include the fitment of a Shorrock boost pressure gauge, ammeter, water temperature and oil pressure gauges. Created by Alan and Lloyd Allard, this Anglia has to be viewed to fully appreciate the quality of workmanship."