2012 Fisker Karma


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European-delivered new, been in the UK since 2014 andjust 20,000 milesBased on a bespoke aluminium spaceframe that carries a mid-mounted battery pack on its longitudinal spine and afront-mounted 260bhp engineThe electricand petrol-powered motors work together to create a combined output of 402bhp; 2.0-litre Ecotec turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine with two rear-mounted AC electric motors, single-speed direct-drive transmission, front and rear independent suspensionand four-wheel Brembo regenerative brakes with22"Circuit Bladealuminium wheelsThis 21st-century automotive masterpiece was created by a team of engineers in Los Angeles, CA headed by Aston Martin's former head of Design, Henrik Fisker.Environmentally andsociety conscious, these cars were created with some ground-breaking featuresYou can now book a one-to-one appointment (up to one hour) to view this lot at our central location of Stoneleigh Park (CV8 2LG) Monday to Friday, from Thursday 29th October until Thursday 12th November (inclusive). Please contact Joe Watts on 07779 082707/ [email protected] secure your appointment or to discuss the car in more detail.The health & safety of both our customers and team remainthe utmost priority, we are therefore operating to strict COVID-19 guidelines and full instructions for arrival and inspection protocols will be given when making your appointment.The Fisker Karma is a luxurious petrol-engined four-door saloon with an electric range extender - the badge on the boot-lid reads EVer - Electric Vehicle with extended range. Think of it as a Mercedes-Benz CLS with supercar looks and an engine similar to that of the Vauxhall Ampera.The superlatives do not end there: it was engineered in Los Angeles by a team headed up by former Aston Martin design chief Henrik Fisker and built at the former Porsche Boxster plant, owned by at Valmet in Finland. And it originally cost around 87,000. In October 2011 the first Karma delivered in the UK was auctioned to benefit Pratham UK and raised a bid of 140,000.Henrik Fisker was responsible for the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin Vantage, so it comes as no surprise that the Karma is an outrageous looking machine. If turning heads is your thing, the four-door Fisker will manage it better than anything else on the road.The Karma is based around a bespoke aluminium spaceframe that carries a mid-mounted battery pack on its longitudinal spine, and a 2.0-litre, 260bhp petrol engine upfront. On battery power alone, the Karma can accelerate to 60mph in less than eight seconds, which is more than fast enough for the urban conditions in which it will likely be used most of the time. When the engine kicks in to drive the on-board generator, the 0-60 is slashed to 5.9sec. A pair of 201.5bhp electric motors power the rear wheels; one forward and one aft of the single-speed limited-slip diff.Fisker has aimed to make the driving experience as straightforward as possible by minimising the number of controls onboard. Press the start button, select D, choose from the electric-only 'Stealth' mode or the engine-assisted 'Sport' and the car creeps forward like a conventional auto. Pedestrians are warned the car is on the move by a synthesised sound, which Fisker calls 'Tron'.Once moving, the Karma feels fast, even in battery-only mode, and even quicker with the engine assisting, despite the lack of a powerful soundtrack to back up the supercar looks. The Karma has excellent electro-hydraulic steering and an understeer-free chassis that seems to thrive on tight cornering. The car is a joy to drive on a tight handling course, and you cant say that for every two-tonne, five-metre-long luxury saloon.Fisker says it benchmarked the interior against the Panamera, which means a low seating position with a high centre console featuring bespoke instrumentation. Space is adequate up front, but by comparison, the Aston Martin Rapide feels spacious in the rear, and there arent many four-doors that can claim that. Occupants are insulated from the worst bumps and tyre noise, thanks in part to 35-section tyres.It goes without saying, however, that the Karma exceeds all expectations by providing a functional touch and a unique aesthetic mainly attributed tothe car's solar roof panels. These act as a supplement for charging the battery, not only adding to the car's electric mileage but keeping the air conditioning functioning at a set temperature even if the car is not running.In 2011, Top Gear Magazine caught everyone off guard by announcing that its Luxury Car of The Year was none other than the Fisker Karma Hybrid. Chosen twice, once as Luxury Car of The Year by Top Gear Magazine editor Charlie Turner, and once by Top Gear presenter James May as his Car of The Year, Fisker couldnt wait to share the good news with its fans.Were big fans of both the Top Gear show and magazine - its great to see motoring entertainment that is loved by millions, said Henrik Fisker, CEO and co-founder of Fisker Automotive Its particularly pleasing that this award recognizes the Karma as the worlds first luxury hybrid electric car.The Karma had several vital factors in its favour, not least its film star looks - but production stopped in 2012. It was a great shame, as it offered the complete engineering package and drove well. Right-hand drive versions were never planned - nor made. In a country packed full of the conditions that flattered the Karmas talents, the decision not to build a right-hand drive model seemed curious. Would it have saved the company? Unlikely. But we'll never know.The car presented here is a 2012 European-delivered example, having been in the UK since 2014 and with just 20,000 miles. In 'Deep Ocean Blue' paintwork (only available on the two higher spec Karmas) which uses a 'Diamond Dust' finish, the first ever high-ratio glass flake paint used on a production vehicle. The 35%-55% recycled glass flake mixture releases zero volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Likewise, the interior wood trim is crafted from certified fallen, sunken or rescued wood, ensuring no trees were actually felled to produce it.Coming from a car collector with a small but prominent collection, it has always been maintained and stored professionally. In uncertain times, this is maybe the perfect car bold, pioneering, ecologically sound and just a bit different.2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport EVerhttps://youtu.be/69_AhwWjDqgfalse